KNOW YOUR LADY; A Woman is All About How Her Face Looks Like


‘Mwanamke ni sura’. Any person can voice that word any day. It implies that a ‘woman is the appearance of her face’.

As women and ladies we go the extra mile to do everything in our power to make ourselves look beautiful. We do not do this necessarily for men but also for ourselves. It is because beauty boosts our self-esteem.

womanSome women say, they feel ‘naked’ when they have not applied make up. This depends on how often one uses these products. They come handy and in so many varieties. Men wouldn’t know how many things we have applied on our faces for that beautiful final product they see.

We have concealers, foundations, facial powders, brush for the face and eye-shadows, eyeliners, mascara among many others. All these are for the eyes, nails and the lips. All these go into making that fine face you see somewhere and leaves you stunned.

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They come in different skin tones. As a woman, you have to choose the tone that matches your skin color. Using the wrong one for your face could give a not-so-good appearance.

A woman has to look good at any given time. This is extremely important especially when she is to go outside the house. We can’t afford to look all shaggy. However at times, I believe one has to let people see the natural in them. Do it even if it is just for a day. It wouldn’t kill anyone most especially you!.

Even celebrities at times take photos of themselves without make up. They then go ahead and post them on-line for the whole world to see. I strongly believe that as a woman, appearance speaks volumes and first impression is always important.

They say beauty lies in eyes of the beholder. Well, some men would rather not date a woman who wears make up. This is because they feel that make up is just another false layer on top of the natural face. We all have to admit that when it is well done, the end product of applying make up is stunning.

Look at all the famous celebrities and our news anchors in the country. They look so good after boosting their natural beauty. It costs money to look as beautiful as we want.

I believe that every woman should make sure that they always look their best.



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