Koitalel University to Run Law and Business Courses


The Commission for University Education is finalising the establishment of the Koitalel Samoei University College in Nandi County.

In a statement from the office of the Deputy President to the county government, the certificate will be issued before the end of June, making the county’s dream of having a university a reality.

The statement further revealed that the new university will run law and business schools.

“The MOU obligates University of Nairobi to establish academic programmes. Koitalel Samoei University College will run as a constituent college of the university for three years before becoming a fully-fledged university,” said Nandi County Legal Advisor George Tarus.

The MOU further obligates Samoei Boys’ Secondary School to provide land and physical amenities like halls. The new university will co-exist with the high school as construction work continues.

“The secondary school has provided 100 acres of its 145 acre piece of land, where the university will co-exist with the secondary school,” said Lagat.

The county legal advisor said the land will be held in trust by the county government until the university is issued with a title deed. On the other hand, the MOU obligates the Nandi County government with sourcing for more infrastructural funds towards building the university’s amenities and strengthening the secondary school’s facilities to the highest standards.

“We have received an initial Sh200 million from the central government for the university construction, the Nandi County Assembly is also planning to appropriate additional funds for the project ahead of budgeting process,” said Lagat.

The planning towards the inception of the university is being conducted by a 10-member steering committee chaired by Engineer Jan Mutai, and deputised by Prof David Serem.

The legal officer dispelled worries from the county residents that the University of Nairobi will monopolise jobs allocations in the new institution. A primary school will also be constructed along with the secondary and university.



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