Ksh 15 Cents, 1 Shilling Fee Defaulters Shamed by Egerton University

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Egerton University alumni are an unhappy lot after the institution’s administration listed fee balance defaulters on its website and social media pages yesterday, Thursday, August 11.

The list contains names of defaulters from the year 1997 to 2012 and the university threatened to have them listed with the Credit Reference Bureau of the amounts were not paid before August 31, 2016.

If one is listed with the CRB, then they can never apply for loans from banks or mobile platforms, their credit rating is negated and their financial credit information is shared with financial institutions that deal with money transaction.

One has to pay off their debts and then get a CRB certificate of clearance before they can approach any institution for credit.

The list contains thousands of names listed on 82 pages, and while some have arrears ranging in the hundreds of thousands, the most absurd is those listed for having balances worth KSh fifteen cents, one shilling and six shillings.

Alumni went up in arms claiming some of the arrears should have been deducted from caution money fees that the campus does not refund after graduating.

Others wondered how these defaulters were allowed to graduate at all if they had fee balances as most universities do not allow this.

An analysis of the list done by Nairobi News separately showed that the highest amount owed to the institution be the defaulters was KSh 608,000.




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