Kshs. 5,122 Tops the Google Search List in Egerton University


Ksh 5122 is so confusing. No dictionary is willing to define this for us. I therefore wish to clarify.

Mathematicians and engineers want this in standard form, they are not used to reading plain figures.

5.122 x 10 ˄3 is the damages fee mathematicians and engineers.

theHistorians, arts and social science students have no idea what this figure means in whichever language we put it. The lighter of the ‘academic fire’ must have been a member of this class where a good number of students get almost discontinued because of Math 100.

Luos want this figure in dollars. This is $56.58. Since this cant buy a Mercedes, I bet it is ok for them. In fact they may start bargaining so that the admin can raise it to 10, 000.

Luhyas want this in terms of jogoo flour packets. That gives over 50 packets! Someone give Wafula some googles to see this because it looks serious. How do you just give someone 50 packets of unga. Poor Wafula, remain calm.

Central guys be like, ‘ate pesa gapi? Ate 5taosand? Afadhali niende MKU nianze degree ingine’ hehe. If these guys can magnify 50 shillings to look like 50 million, do you think they will trust the calculator used to come with that figure? Never!

And for the admin, it is five thousand one hundred and twenty two shillings ONLY. Am sure akina kiprotich are wondering how the word ONLY was used here!!

Now we know what it meant to strike.

And as denshispeaks put it…that was someone’s business plan.






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