KU Medical Student Hangs Self, Pens Down Burial Demands


Kenyatta University fifth year Medical student, Stella Karanja was found dead after she hanged herself within the KU compound (SQ) on the 14th of September in an unconfirmed situation. The police, university administration and students still trying to puzzle what might have caused Stella to take away her life keeping in mind that her studies were just one year to be completed.

In a very chilling note, she quotes those whom she would wish to carry her body for burial and in the short list- is her ex-boyfriend and classmates and that nobody else should carry it. This baffled and mumbled her fellow classmates who happened to admire her style of carrying out her class work.

In her traumatic diary that she has painstakingly kept since 2014, she painfully narrates how she has contemplated taking away her life for 3 weeks and the options that she had including using charcoal/ carbon monoxide , washing detergent (jik) and a rope which she finally settled for.

Kenyatta University Students Association ( KUSA) President Were Were Sam confirmed the reports and urged all the students with distressing troubles to share with the university’s guidance and counselling officers so that necessary measures can be taken to save such brilliant minds from death

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“I wish she opened up and shared her distressing troubles with friends.
May her soul Rest In Peace” Were Were said

“Friends , let’s always seek guidance and counselling when faced with heavy life storms, life is sacred!” He further added

May the soul of Stella Karanja Rest in Eternal Peace.




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