KU Opens State House-Like Hostels at Mombasa


Kenyatta University becomes the first institution to open a state of art students hostel in the country. KU has finally opened a statehouse like hostel at Mombasa.

Speaking during the opening ceremony, Chief guest and Vice chancellor Prof. Olive Mugenda said that the facility will bring in more joy to the students fraternity. She said that the institution was doing all it can to improve on their students welfare. She added that the hostel will lead to the creation of a conducive and serene environment for learning at the coastal region.

“We undertook this project because we believe that hostels and other facilities are Good for our young people and the future of our nation”, the VC said.

Prof Mugenda also said that Kenyatta University was in the process of coming up with other beneficial projects to enhance learning in the institution. She said the University will be unveiling several hostels in their main Campus. The Vice chancellor disagreed with those opposed to her leadership claiming that She was only interested in structures and not quality Education delivery. She said that everything that the University does is for a long term aim of improving the learning conditions and welfare of students.

Students present during the launch told Magazine Reel that they were pleased with the leadership of Prof. Olive Mugenda. They called on to the government to give the VC enough time to deliver on her pledges to the Varsity. Students from other universities also showed their Great envy for the KU VC. Most who contacted this News Site wanted Prof Olive Mugenda to replace their Vice Chancellor’s.

Worth noting though, Egerton University students wished her well and showed alot of hopes in their newly sworn in VC Prof. Rose Mwonya. Most believe that She has the capability of turning around the misfortunes of Egerton University and making the institution Great again in the African continent.



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