KU POLITICS: Will Sam Were Were Win KUSA Presidency Race?


As other presidential candidates continue to compare themselves to Were Were instead of selling their manifestos, his campaign slogans, “The Were Epoch, Steadfast Resolution, A New Blood In KUSA Presidential Race, The Were Effect and Were movement” remain  the most trending and captivating slogans in Kenyatta University KUSA 2015 campaign politics, he speaks to magazine Reel of what he really stands for.


Who is Sam Were Were?

Sam were stand for sanity, foresight, candeur and a better welfare for fellow comrades. Am not identified by my height, color or looks but by my  valiance.

Where do you trace your leadership potential?

I think i take after my father, a humble teacher who honed my leadership skills. I have in the past taken remarkable leadership posts. Right from primary, high school, different associations as well as here in KU. Back in high school I was the deputy school captain. I am the outgoing congressman school of public health.

Tell us about your experience in KUSA as congressman for School of public health

There is nothing as important as the fact that i managed to achieve the agendas that i had for the docket with me as the congressman. one of them was the interdepartmental wrangles which is now well sorted. Another overriding thing is that being the congressman enabled me to identify some of the loopholes in the association that needs to be filled and that’s why i decided get into presidential race and offer solutions to them.

What major loophole is there in kUSA?

We face inadequate inaccessibility to services that directly affect us and one of my agendas is to come up with  KUSA Huduma center that will see transparency in offering services to comrades without disparity or bias as well as seeing these services being available on time. A good example is the whole process of fee payment which is normally jammed to the brim.

Your campaign launch was an epic one, how did you manage to attract such a huge gathering?

Thanks to comrades support. That’s simply a sign that comrades have bestowed a high level of credence in me. From my agendas you see that they directly target students welfare and another salient factor here is that the agendas are achievable, they don’t just read fantasy but a reality. The campaign went on as planed despite a minor disruption at the beginning by unknown persons. The matter was well taken care of by the security department.


What parting word do you have for comrades?

Sam Were is in for a peaceful election which differs from cheap propaganda going round that contravenes what i stand for.






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