KU Student glimpsing A Rosy Future In The Media Industry


A KU radio presenter, master of ceremony in major campus events and an incoming KU TV news anchor, Ibrahim Marvin talks to Magazine Reel about his life changing moments in the media industry.

Tell us about your early schooling

I went to Ndere boys boarding in Ugenya for my primary schooling. I proceeded to Nairobi school for form 1 but left to join Maseno School in form 2 and that’s where I completed my high school education. I was admitted to Kenyatta University in 2012 for my degree in economics and finance. I am in my fourth year.


Where do you trace your potential?

I had interest in public speaking since high school as I used to present announcements in the morning parades back then. When I joined campus I used to be an MC in several county students associations meetings in KU. I still do this.

How did you become a radio presenter?

While in first year I went for KU radio auditions. Unfortunately i did not make it. I tried for the second time in January this year and lol!, there it came. I present “late night breeze” which starts from 10pm to 12am in the morning. The program involves soft music and discussions pertaining to love and relationships.

marvin photoYou’ve been the master of ceremony in some of the major events in different campuses, how did you grow big in this area as well?

As I said I used to be an MC in different student associations within KU. There is a time Coca-Cola Company had an event in KU at the bishop square and I volunteered to be the MC since they did not have one. That’s when I started gracing big stages.

Which are some of the major events you’ve performed as master of ceremony?

I can mention Kenyatta university career week, first years orientation ceremony, Mr and Miss KUSA event as well as during Mr and miss parklands. These are a few ones I have taken part in.

We’ve heard that you made it in KU TV auditions tell us about it?

Yes, I made it in the auditions and so I will be anchoring news. The whole program will be launched in November 6th this year.

How do you balance between class work and being a radio presenter as well as mastering in ceremonies?

I believe it’s all about setting priorities and being a good time manager, that’s how I survive

Are you planning to major in the media as your career?

Definitely yes! am thinking of taking another degree in media and journalism once am done with accounting and finance next year.

Who is your role model in the media industry?

I admire Larry king, he’s a former CNN show host because for me he’s the best I’ve ever seen.

Tell us one interesting thing you hear people say about you.

People tell me I should try modeling. I also get when I meet strange ladies on the way and they complement me for my voice.

How can your fans get in touch with you?

They can follow me on twitter @Trendsetter254, FB- Jarateng Ibrahim Marvin and IG @romeo-delaromeo



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