KUCCPS – 2015/2016 Universities/Colleges Programmes and Capacities Update

kuccps - Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service
kuccps - Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service

The Ag. CEO and Secretary of  Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service Mr. J.M Muraguri has said that they have embarked on the 2015/2016 placement of Government Sponsored Students to Universities and Colleges. The Placement Service is inviting Universities and Colleges to update programmes and capacities online in readiness for the 2015/2016 Placement of Government Sponsored Students to Degree and Diploma Programmes in Universities and Colleges between February 15, 2015 to March 15, 2015 0000 hrs.

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Universities and Colleges have requested to access “Programme and CapacitiesUpdate” through the Placement Service Website www.kuccps.ac.ke.  A downloadable manual is available in the website to guide the update of Programmes and Capacities.

kuccps - Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service
kuccps – Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service

Note that;

1) That the 2014/2015 programmes and capacities are shown as had been submitted by each University or College. Each University or College is therefore required to confirm courses on offer for the 2015/2016 Placement and respective capacities and update as necessary.

2) That, Universities and Colleges should submit only Programmes approved by the relevant regulatory authorities (Commission for University Education, TVETA or the Ministry). In addition, programmes declared must have the approval from respective regulatory bodies.

3) That, Where a University or College, has a new programme, the same should be included following the procedure outlined in the guiding Manual.

NB: -For any new programme, a copy of the approval reference and documentation from the regulator (Commission for University Education, TVETA or the Ministry) must be forwarded to the Placement Service  both through the System and as a hard copy.

4) Once updating of Programmes and Capacities is completed, a final PDF copy should be downloaded, stamped, signed and forwarded to the Placement Service.

Universities and Colleges that may not have settled their placement invoices for the 2014/2015 year have also been reminded to forward the payment to enable the Placement Service to prepare for the 2015/2016 process.

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  1. Iam student who scored B of 61 Points,could u please healp me if icould aply for university through kuccps now.I did my k.c.s.e last year 2014.

  2. i scored a B plain (60 points),.have i qualified to join a public university(gvt sponsoured),, i did my exam last year,,

  3. Hey ..hw can i know my raw marks in each subject so that I can calculate my cluster points. N I had B plain in english n an aggd of A- of 78 points in last year kcse, am i likely to qualify for laws at moi university?? Pleas assist

  4. Comment i did my kcse 2014 and got B plain of 64 points am i elligable for government sponsership?

  5. I did my kcse in 2013, i applied for kmtc last year but did not get chance, how is the application an stil intrested( mean grade B- 53points)

  6. Cut point ya madem ni 58 na maboe 60 it was in the daily nation….can i qualify medicine with 81 points

  7. CommentWe as candidates we find itdifficlt to apply online because there is no point of submission after revision please chek on that kindly

  8. Wish that cluster points for medicine is lowered at least to 44.5. so that I can take the same course because I really aspire to be a surgeon with my A plain of 82 points. Kindly consider this kuccps. thanks in advance.

  9. i scored a mean grade of B- 2012,2013 i applied kmtc but I didn’t get it and I don’t understand y?2014 the same and am still interesting,how can I get it?help pliz

  10. if those who scored a mean of 70B+ cant get good courses what about those who got 58-60s??

  11. am stressed up, i got 72 points but i don’t c any course 2 take cause its like i did not reach my target, i wanted to do medicine, help me,what related course can i do? help me please!!

    • Please read more on cluster point calculations here>>>https://www.magazinereel.com/kuccps-news-simple-way-of-calculating-your-cluster-points/

  12. wanted to know when the results of the applicatio will be released and is the release colliding with helb application!!!!


  13. Hae! How do I know if I’ve qualified for any of the courses that I revised in the respective universities?

  14. I did my KCSE year 2013 can apply this year-2015 through KUCCPS and be sponsored?please I would wish to know

  15. Comment
    2013 canditate pado wako na chance ama ni 2014 & 2015 only. If their is chance please inform me

  16. Hi. Please let me know how I can ensure that I join a university near my home so that accomodation cost is mitigated against. Is this possible even after getting placement in a different university? Please help. Thanks.

  17. I suggest that the confimation of joining public universities should be early for better preparation of applicants

  18. Comment;how can know the university have been placed coz i had amean grade ov75 ,i want t do mechanical engineering.

  19. did kcse in 2012 & got [c+] applied for kmtc in 2013 & 2014 based on community health nursing & i havent received any feedback so help since am stiil interested to.

  20. hi i had a cluster point of 45.1 but i was informed that the second revision being carried out.so can i revision my first choice right now???

  21. amination Results, has set the Cut-off point for placement to Degree Programmes at B of 60 points for male candidates and B- of 58 points for female candidates. In addition, all K.C.S.E candidates with a minimum overall grade of C- (Minus) and above and who have not benefited from Government Sponsorship in the past are eligible to apply for diploma programmes. The Placement Service therefore wishes to inform the 2014 K.C.S.E. Examination Candidates that the online application system will open for the First Revision of Degree and Diploma programmes for the 2015/2016 placement on Monday, April 20th, 2015 at 0000 hrs and will close on Monday, May 4th 2015 at midnight.

  22. in deed thanks to the KUCCPS for a well done job of ensuring most 2014 candidates to join universities.

  23. am confused ,,help me pliz ,,when I logged in my account I never got a notification that my revision was succesfull ,,but later I checked my index number in the list of unplaced student haiko ,,,does it mean am replaced or not

  24. Help me?i have 61pts and my classpts was 34 bt i applied for diploma but havn’t recieved any information about kuccs online.so what should i do coz my classpts are low according to the courses i needed for degree in public universities?


  26. I have tried the 2nd revision but its not yet successful upto now help pliz its saying code not available for revision help pliz

  27. i am ruth,i failed to apply during first revision and i have tried to revise for the final but i am unable,please help

  28. got a B plain in last years exams,bt am so unfortunate that amongst all the courses i choz,i have not been placed to any,could i get a chance if i apply to the same cause but at diploma level? the course was computer science at MMUST
    please assist me.

  29. Hi,i did a diploma in HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT is it legible for me to get a sponsorship at a degree level.

  30. Bonface muyale
    Hi,I have applied for a clinical medicine diploma course, I got a B- at k.c.s.e year 2012, I kindly request if I can get a sponsorship from kuccps

  31. Did my kcse last year n scored a b plus of 70points i did apply onlyn buh wz unsuccessful wil i stil get admited to a public uni plz help i paid the kuccps fee

  32. am purity njeri, i did my KCSE exams in 2013 and got a c+ grade, am an orphan with financial disability i can’t sponsor myself to the college, please i need your assistance because the application for kuccps is over.

  33. i pass ma appreciation 2 de skul al de wak wich sister is doing and de deputy principal mei de almighty reward u accoding 2 ur desires i pass ma greatings to sisa rebecca ,mdm batroba and father cj

  34. Hello kuccps administration,am Bokins Odhiambo,i did my kcse in 2014,score a Bplain of 63points,applied but not placed,could you help me please,thanks in advance!

  35. despite having achieved in my kcse with a A- I haven’t been awarded in any course in my 1st and 2nd revision which I qualified

  36. mornin,am halima Alinur first of all i thnx kuccps to give me sponsord en i want to knw wen wil get admission…

  37. There are two list of shortlisted canditates to join kmtc collrges, one by kmtc management and one by kuccps. Among the two which one is valid

  38. Hi kuccps.Kmtc college where i selected to join has two lists,one list of students selected by them(kmtc) and one selected by the placement service.Which one is genuine please help???

  39. fst, i want 2 tak kuccps 4 hvg xelected me in 1 of de cozs i choc,bt now there are two lists…which on is genuine plz help i am getting confused…thanx

  40. av been selected in one of prog thats maasai mara campus.The, prbm is i dont know whethet its main campus or a branch.Av nt been told.What can i do??

  41. i did my kcse last year,i got an A-,i applied for university but unfortunately haven’t yet been neither notified nor geven an admision letter….plz let me know where i was taken…help plz

  42. plz help mi coz am stressed of that situation. cjui wea to start from and to wea to end to coz that was my best career i choosed and now their is two list of kmtc and kuccps wea am at kuccups list plzplz take note and consider me

  43. I did my kcse last year and scored a B+of 72 points, am I eligible to pursue analytical chemistry at a public University

  44. I did KCSE last year.I attained mean score of 56 points-B-mius.
    English. C-
    kiswa. B
    math. B-
    Bio. B-
    Chem. C
    Geo. C
    Cre. B-
    Agru. A-
    am qualified for degree in pharmacy. and which other science career am qualified to persue.kindly notify me .thank you.

  45. Hi, I got a B+ in the 2015 kcse, 69points. Eng;B+, Kis;A, Geog;A, B/S;A, Mao;C+, Chem;C+, Bio;B-. Which courses can I pursue in Medicine, Engineering or can I take B. Comm. I don’t know how to calculate my cluster points, please help.

  46. I got B- of 57 point. math B+, enga B-, kiswa C, chem B-, phy C+ geo B, agri B .I want to take diploma in education or diploma in electrical and electronic advise


  48. I did my KCSE last year and got a B- would like to join and do diploma in chemistry and mathematics and online application is over please would you help me

  49. I applied with kuccps on April 29th.When will students be announced for those who applied first revision.Kindly reply

  50. Hello the issue of kuccps selected students to join kmtc has not yet been handled. we ‘kuccps students to join kmtc ‘ are still loitering here outside while our colleagues ‘kmtc selected students’ are busy studying at the college. please anyone who gets this message please help so that it may reach the relevant authority. thank you.

  51. i did my kcse 2015…got a b+ of 67…..i was placed at maasai mara to do human resource management bt i dont want to do that course……can i qualify to do nursing

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