KUSA Congress Speaker Denies Misappropriation of Fund and ‘Mole’ Claims


Following news posted on his facebook handle by one Faith Msupa, the Kenyatta university students association speaker has stated clearly that he had nothing to do with fund misappropriation in the students fund kitty

“Any information emanating from my office can only be communicated by me through Collins Ooko and collo collonell facebook handles; I therefore discredit the information that I apparently use proxies to destabilize the current Kusa leadership”, Mr. Collins said.

He said that his political opponents were out to paint his image ugly within the public. He lamented that his oppressors were only out to ensure that they relieved him of his duties as the speaker. “Some people see me as an impediment to their success”, he said.

fundThe speaker wondered why the individuals could not use the laid down rules to register their complaints adding that Kusa constitution have laid down structures that govern how its funds should be managed and if any student had evidence then the constitution allowed that him or her to raise issues through writing to the office of the speaker, the constitution oversight committee and the director of student affairs.

“The university policy on finances is so clear,like any other public institution it has laid down rules that address corruption and corrupt officials, therefore if at any one point one has information about how the needy kitty fund was allegedly shared between the gender secretary, Director of student Affairs,the President and the Finance secretary then I humbly urge them to present the evidence to the relevant authorities and stop dragging my name into ridiculous accusation”, he advised

He said that he was aware of individuals who would come up with the allegations to put him at loggerhead with administration and depict him as a person who is interested in causing instability within the university

“I hereby confirm that I wont be intimidated by anybody who does not want me to be part of the executive based on their unfounded fears, giving out information to proxies and cooking up lies to make them seem like they come from my office”,he warned.

“All will be well. I will stand strong and protect fellow student that I serve irrespective of tribe, race or religion. Mr. Collins Ooko, Kusa 11th congress speaker penned off.



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