KUSA Deputy President Condemns Act of Mob Justice Within Kenyatta University

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Ann Mercy Wanjiku, the newly elected Deputy President of Kenyatta University Student Association (KUSA) has condemned a recent wave of mob justice within the institution.

In an internal memo released earlier today, the deputy President of KUSA has reiterated how disheartening the act has become. She wondered why students engage in illegal acts such as beating up of individuals instead of allowing the law to take its course.

“I urge the student body to desist from taking matters into their own hands but rather allow the rule of law to prevail”, she said.

kusaShe urged students to give security team enough space to do their work adding that it was only them who could help them recover stolen commodities.

Students within the institution are said to have beaten an individual who was allegedly caught robbing from a students room. Atleast five people have been seriously injured within the institution due to the mob justice issue.

“Mechanisms have been put in place to deal with theft. Let us put faith in our security personnel and therefore any suspected thief caught should be taken to security immediately to aid in investigations and ultimately recovery of stolen items”, the devastated leader said.

In other stories, Kenyatta university will be holding their graduation ceremony in a weeks time. Students are complaining that the management has not yet produced list of graduands yet the time is running out for them.

Many prospective graduands asked their student leaders to look into the issue stating that they needed time to confirm and clear the required fees before the set date.



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