LADIES ONLY :Why You Should Let Your Man Pull Away


Men are like rubber bands-so as John Gray the author of the book ‘men are from Mars,women are from Venus’.
Most women are surprised to realise that even when a man loves a woman he periodically pulls away before he can get closer.Men instinctively feel this urge to pull away.Having temporarily fulfilled his hunger for intimacy after getting very close,a man will inevitably begin to go through an inner shift.He will begin to feel the urge to pull away.He now feels his hunger to be independent ,believing that he has had enough of this needing another person.It is not a decision or choice,it just happens.It is neither his fault nor yours,it is only a natural cycle.

Men pull away even when a lady has not done anything wrong.Like a stretched rubber band,he will distance himself and then come back all on his own.When a man pulls away,he comes back because he has felt the need for love and intimacy again.Automatically he will be more motivated to give love and receive the love he needs.

When a man springs back,he picks up the relationship at whatever degree of intimacy it was and he does not feel any need for a period of getting re-acquainted again.

What women should know is that if a man does not have the opportunity to pull away he never gets a chance to feel his strong desire to be close.It is essential for women to understand that if they insist on continuous intimacy or ‘run after’ their intimate male partner when he pulls away,then he will almost always be trying to escape and distance himself:he will never get a chance to feel his own passionate longing for love.

But when you allow him to be on his own,something different happens.The man who did not seem to care about you or interested in you (while he was pulling away) suddenly cannot live without you.He starts feeling his need for intimacy.His power is back because his desire to love and be loved have been reawakened.



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