Laikipia University Threatens Student Union Leaders with Expulsion

laikipia university omondi

By Vickie Clarks


Laikipia university management and the students are at loggerheads again. The break down of communications between the students union office and the administration has put the institution in a jeopardizing situation


Students taking science based courses  in the school of science and applied technology,Laikipia university are left hopeless after the administration failed to provide evidence for course registration in the Commission For Higher Education(C.H.E).


laikipia university omondiStudents taking Bsc. Biomedical Science were the fisrt to register their doubt on the issue and even followed up to the department of Biological And Biomedical Sciences. Mr. Benson Obwanga, the head of the department held several meetings with the stream but the issue was not exhaustively  addressed.


On Monday 9/02/2015, Mr Obwanga is said to have held another meeting where students furiously asked questions showing worries for their future.


It’s guessed that the institution avoided inspection from the commission because no laboratory for biomedical science has been established. The professional body and CUE has in the recent past prevented some institution from offering certain courses citing either lack of teaching personnel or teaching resources. It is for this reason that under normal circumstances the Laikipia university would have been prevented from offering the above courses.


The current students are reported to be attending lectures and practicals lessons at Egerton universities Njoro during weekends. Laikipia university was a constituent college of Egerton university before being elevated and given a charter to become among the 22 fully fledged public universities in Kenya.


The university management has also been reported to have  threatened course reps and student leaders with expulsion from the institution if they will continue with their push to have the matter resolved. The class representatives and student leaders have vowed to stay put until the matter is handled amicably and the future of students assured.


“Fellow comrades,our desk have received news that some of our student leader’s lives are at risk.The officials namely;Erick barasa~Vicechair,Sam Mwangi~Welfare, Peter kabudah~Sec gen and Zablon chacha~Org sec were this afternoon threatened by Obura that they will be suspended from the university anytime from today”,one student alleged.


The secretary general Mr. Peter Kabudah has informed students that the leaders together with the dean of students will be having a Kamukunji meeting today to look for ways of resolving the issue.


He also added that among the issues to be addressed are when the third year students are expected to go for their attachment programmes. It is only few days remaining before the third years students will enter their final year of study yet it has been reported that no attachment programme has been organized for them so far.


Students are now waiting to see how the Kamukunji will go and if a lasting solution will be achieved through it.


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