Laikipia’s Top Ten Most Influential Personalities

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This subject to many seems sensitive at times but we all have to agree that one way or another ,the society in which we live is bound to have influential people and Laikipia University is not an exception.According to Laikipia university comrades, the most influential students among them can be ranked as follows;

1. Gregory Ochieng
The current LUSO chairman remains to be the most influential as he commands lots of respect among the students as well as being the top CA leader, he is the undisputed leader of students for now. He has also tried to ensure that he doesn’t fall out of favour of the students who overwhelming voted him in as the LUSO chairman.

2. Kabuda
He is one of the most talked about LUSO leaders where he is the current Secretary General. He has continued to wield power and at times has come out to directly challenge the powers of the LUSO president.

3. Kevin Odhiambo
He is commonly known as Odhis Walker or MC Odhis, he is the main master of ceremonies in Laikipia University in every major activity around the school. He has been in the forefront in championing for the rights of the comrades which has made him fall out with most of the LUSO officials. He is as well a chief critic in the school who is very vocal.

4. Lewis Martin
The current runners up Mr.culture has in the recent past gained so much power and influence among Laikipia comrades by being very vocal in standing for their interests. He is one of the people who led the NO team against the new constitution, this has made him a chief anemy to most LUSO officials. He being a magazine reel reporter has also greatly built him a niche.

5. Louis Mainga
Whenever the term PR sets in Laikipia, he is the man to turn to. He is one of the best orators in Laikipia university. The ever smartly dressed man has gained much popularity with his high stakes in interpersonal skills. Nobody just can’t fail to like him. He is a brand.

6. Akeda MJ Agesa
He is the host of Open Mic a fast growing weekly occasion which takes place at the Annex where students showcase different talents and get to entertain one another through music, spoken word, dance, dj mixing, and others. The growth of Open Mic has also grown him.

7. Zablon Mogesi
Commonly known as Chacha among the students whom he is currently serving at the LUSO as the Organising Secretary. Even though he was viewed to hail from a minor community, he has beaten the tribal jinx in Laikipia to be a very strong leader in the university.

8. Robert Ouko
He is mostly associated with the chairman LUSO due to their closeness but he has also stood out to create a stand for himself and this has seen him be the undisputed political king maker in Laikipia university. He the most sought after during the election period.

9. Shee
Being small bodied one would expect her to be easily intimidated instead she is one of the most efficient student in Laikipia university. When organising any event, be assured that it would go right when she is involved. She is also liked by many in the university.

10. Lillian Muli
The current miss Laikipia after proving to be the best among the very beautiful models who contested for the crown has since grown up in influence among the students as she is in the forefront in championing for the needs of the needy students.

Miss Laikipia University, Lilian Mutheu or Lilian Muli
Miss Laikipia University, Lilian Mutheu