Lawyer Sues Betika, Needs his 100,000 Stake Back after Huge Lose

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An advocate addicted to gambling has sued a betting firm Betika for refusing to close his account, after losing thousands of shillings and almost falling into depression.

Mark Ndumia Ndung’u, in his suit at the High Court, claims he is tired of gambling and blames Shop and Deliver Ltd, which trades as ‘Betika’ for declining to close his betting account.


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“Since July, I felt that I had a gambling problem as I was spending so much time betting and in the process, I was losing a lot of money which I could have used in other beneficial activities. I asked the betting firm to close my account but they declined,” said Ndung’u.

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Ndung’u claims he struggles with gambling disorder due to the amount staked per bet. He says every time he loses a bet, he takes another one to cover up for his loss, which has made his betting habit toxic. Ndung’u said failure by Shop and Deliver Ltd to close his account forced him to seek court redress.

“Having the account closed was my only remedy for stopping betting as I had previously tried taking breaks on several occasions but failed,” swore Ndung’u in an affidavit.

Mr Ndung’u says he wrote to the Betting Control and Licensing Board to force the firm to close his account. In September, he received an email notifying him the account had been closed.

“This was not true since my account was still open and I could place bets. Their inaction made me lose Sh110,362 in the first week of August on gambling which would not have happened had they acted on my initial request to close the account,” swore Ndung’u. He wants compensation for the amount spent on gambling.


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For all who bet, not that it is easier to lose than to win when you are not keen on strategies. It is therefore important to only use amounts you can afford to lose when you bet either on Betika or any other betting platform.

There are alot more places you can adopt to their strategies and one such tipster agency is Sahihi Bet. The platform practices a number of ways to ensure that their clients win every time they bet. They also ensure that you only bet with a minimal amount to reduce your risk of losing much hence help you tackle your addiction problem.

If you really don’t need to end up like Ndung’u, you can get in touch and subscribe to one of the plans listed in this article. Since you have lost alot already, you need to regain atleast a given percentage of it before closing shop and going about your other businesses. Such is what Sahihi Bet plans helps you to do.

How then can you join?

Well, there are various plans for you. The rollover plan is a weekly/monthly plan which gives one a chance to place sure slips with only 5 odds each day. The maximum betting amount must also not exceed 500 shillings. The plan costs 2,500 shillings to join for a week and 9,000 shillings to be a member for a month. You’ll in turn be able to earn 2,000 shillings each day from your betting activities.

You can also pick a betting site, say Betika or any other, and share your login details then let Sahihi Bet experts do the winning for you. Such a plan helps subscribers gain up to 1500 shillings worth of profit each day. It will cost you 2,000 shillings for a week or 6000 shillings for a month of service. You will also need to deposit 1,000 shillings into your betting account wallet to enable your betting activities.

But it can even be easier since you can go for a day of the service at 400 shillings. Such will give you access to a slip with 20 odds highly taunted to win. 100 shilling stake will give you 2,000 shillings with this slip.

How do I Pay?

  1. Go to MPESA
  2. Navigate to Lipa Na MPESA
  3. Click on Buy Goods and Services
  4. Enter Till Number 5266471
  5. Key in amount as per the plan you need to join ie 9,000 or 6,000 or 2,500 or 2,000 or 400 shillings.
  6. Enter Your MPESA pin and send.

You will get the slip via SMS immediately upon. For the account management, you will be needed to get in touch via 0758271865 for further instructions on what you need to do.



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