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Today in our news desk we are privileged to host one of the youngest Kenyan Innovators, the founder of Naf-Tune Entertainment.

Magazine Reel: For the benefit of readers, can you give us a summary of your background? Could you please introduce yourself? In other words who is naftal Mogire?

Naftal: I was born in Kericho area early 90’s.since I was young I used to admire Journalists and there my dream to pursue mass communication was born. Again while I was in form two I started Dj as a hobby, everybody in the school admired my work and this made me work hard without knowing that it can be my career too. During holidays I attended music classes at Nairobi Homeboyz where I got more skills and knowledge in the field. After completing my fourth year I joined Multimedia university of Kenya where I did a certificate in Mass Communication. As time went on I developed love for film production and animation thus decided to major in animation. Still while I was studying I did several animation adverts .After completing my studies I decided to invest in animation industry where I have successfully done several selling adverts for different companies.

Naftal MogireMagazine Reel: Who or what inspired you to study Film Production and Animation? Apart from film production and animation, what else do you do?
Naftal: My passion for photography and motion graphics has been my inspiration. My dad also has played a very big role, while I was still in form two after dad dissevered my potential in entertainment he registered for me a company Naf-Tune Entertainment which I currently run. My firm has a wide range of activities from event organizing both co-operate and individual to audio production and hosting shows.

Magazine Reel: What are your achievements, which one does you, consider an outstanding one? Why?
Naftal: I have worked with big companies such as Uchumi Supermarkets; recently I did an advert for Multimedia University and Churchill show mortgage, doom with jimkinyanji which will be on TV too soon. The greatest achievement I have made is to start my own company and giving my clients the best of my knowledge.
Uchumi Advert

Magazine Reel: what motivated you to start your own Animation Company and not look for a job in other big companies? And what advice would you offer to young people who hope to become film makers and animators?
Naftal: They say you go to school to create jobs for others but not beg for employment. I consider myself as a manufacturing firm (an animation production machine) that can give to the media houses the Kenyan content they don’t have and stop intoxicating us with the western cultures which we view on our screens.

Magazine Reel: A word or two to parents. How do you think a parent can be of great influence to their children’s future?
Naftal: First I would like to tell parents to mentor their children. Also to ensure your son or daughter achieves a bright future to should know their strengthens and weaknesses. Let your child pursue his/her passion. Again since education is the key to unlocking someone’s. My dad used to tell me “Talent without education is doomed my son so work hard” This statement made me take my education very serious as I was also working on my artistic talent. Thanks mum and Dad

Magazine Reel: Tell us about Naf-Tune Entertainment.
Naf-tune entertainment is a current modern company that is based on the mindset of the current generation it start in 2009 and since then it has given birth to Naf-Tune 3D/2D animation studios. The objective of the company is to sharpen and venture the young multi-talented youths to the current competitive world of entertainment. 3D/2D production. In my company I offer the following services Film production, Audio production, Graphics design and Event organizing at an affordable price.

Magazine Reel: How do you think young people can start highly successful and profitability companies?
Naftali: They most have mile stones that govern them on what they are doing and have concrete objectives and a unique idea on the field they want to get involved in.

kenya Orient Insurance Limited AdvertMagazine Reel: Tell us about some of your work which has been viewed in tv.Why do you consider your work outstanding than others? You gave an example of aqua fresh advert, why do you think character selection matters in animation?
In animation character selection is key since the character is the one to sell your product unlike in film production. Before I start working on an advert I first carry out a research on the culture of the targeted audience. I feel bad watching some adverts with western content aired on our home TV stations. The aqua fresh advert was done in South Africa and did not sell since the characters were not black and it was viewed in Kenya.

Magazine Reel: What characteristics or traits necessary for someone in your kind of business to thrive?
Naftali: One to successfully run a firm like mine should be dedicated, determined and discipline to his or her work. In animation since computer is the tool one should be computer literate and be ready to learn new things because technology is dynamic.

Magazine Reel: who is your mentor? How do your parents feel having a young creative innovator?
Naftali: My dad and mum. They do encourage and motivate me to do what I love most. They are always proud of me.

Dj NaftalMagazine Reel: Where do you see yourself in 5 years to come, what inspires you everyday to keep on focused to your vision and mission?
Naftal: In the next five years by the grace of God I think I will have a show of my own showing the Kenyan content only. What keeps me focused to my vision is the digital migration of the Kenyan media houses needs more to give to its clients and as I told you early this is an animation machine full of ideas based in the Kenyan content.

Magazine Reel: Give us your last words of advice to any prospective individual pursuing or who want to study this course?
Naftal: Film production is just but a course like any other courses the only difference is from what angle you will like to study it.

Magazine Reel: How can one reach you?
Naftal: Visit us at Muthaiga Shopping Centre. You can also reach me through FacebookNaf-tune entertainment; email me -nmogire@gmail.com, Instagramnaftunes, Twitter @naftunes ,Watch spome of my work on YouTube Naftal mogire.




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