Lecturer Arrested in Hotel Demanding Sex from Female Student

sex student

Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB), a body mandated to fight graft in Tanzania, has arrested an assistant lecturer namely Samsoni Mhimbo, 66, for demanding sex from a female student in exchange for good marks for her supplementary test.

The anti-graft agency had set up a trap, where they’d told the student to lure Mhimbo, an assistant lecturer at National Institute of Transport (NIT), to a guest house in Dar es Salaam – and when he’d fallen for the trap, they swung into action.

Deputy CEO of the anti-corruption body in Kinondoni District, Dennis Manumbu, said the student had filed a formal complaint with PCCB, saying the assistant lecturer had threatened not to give her good marks in supplementary exam she sat in January 5 if he won’t sleep with her.

“We arrested the assistant lecturer at Camp David Guest House, which is located in Mlalakuwa, Dar es Salaam on Thursday, January 12 after he fell into a trap set by PCCB officials.

“Members of the public should report graft cases, especially sex-for-grade trade that is increasingly becoming a norm in institutions of higher learning,” said Manumbu.

Seeking sex in exchange of a favour is illegal according to Chapter 25 Section 11 of the 2007 Tanzanian Anti Corruption Act.




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