Leicester, Tottenham, Barcelona, Porto, Benfica and Napoli Betting Predictions Today

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Have you received any winnings since the Premier League or Spanish Laliga resumed? Have you been placing bets in any platform picking on the Bundesliga teams? Well, if you have not won anything, then we want you to know that it is the nature of the game.

However, it is important to note that alot more people win on a daily basis. Thousands get atleast 1000 shillings worth of profit each day hence making up to 30,000 shillings as salaries a month.

Just remember how the times are difficult during this COVID-19 period. It is therefore very important that you be very keen with your money as you invest in any platform. To be sure of a win, you must be able to invest in research but if you are not that good in the comparison and follow-up game then acknowledge that you have a problem and you need to be helped to win.

Well, if you are among those who have never won anything over the last 3 months despite betting each day, then you need to review your approach. Some of the measures you should take includes; taking a break for a given time, contracting an agency such as us to manage your account and make you 1,000 shillings profit each day or subscribe and get readily prepared guaranteed slips.

Taking a break for even a week from betting will help you breathe fresh air and reconsider your strategies in the game. You will also get ample time to plan for the management of your investment in the betting industry. This you can do on your own when you feel like doing it.

Also, you can take a break but let an urgency run your account activities for you. You can then take a week or two to review the profits before you come back fully into the game of betting. This we can do to you. Get in touch via calls or sms to 0758271865. Kindly note that we will only start managing your account and making you profit once you have subscribed for either the Weekly management plan or Monthly Management Plan. Follow the process below to subscribe;

  1. For Weekly Plan (7 days) of management, Pay 2,000 shillings via MPESA to 0792862269. You are guaranteed of 7,000 shillings profit in 7 days under this plan.
  2. For Monthly Plan (30 days) of management, Pay 6,500 shillings via MPESA to 0792862269. You are guaranteed of 30,000 shillings each month under this plan.
  3. We will also require details of your betting account such as Betting site name, Username and Login Credentials.

Kindly note that, we manage accounts in all betting sites and we dont have a preference whether it is Betika, Odibets, Sportybet etc.

You can as well go for the third option which allows you to receive already prepared slips with guaranteed wins from agencies such as ours. Today, teams such as Tottenham, Leicester, Porto, Benfica, Barcelona and Napoli are in our slip. There are those who are going to lose to smaller teams and others who are going to win by a bigger margin. You can get our slip with 15 odds instantly via sms when you subscribe to the following plans;

  1. Daily Plan which costs 250 shillings.
  2. Weekly Plan which costs 1,000 shillings.
  3. Monthly Plan which costs 3,500 shillings.
  4. Rollover Plan which costs 4,500 shillings a month.
  5. High level plan which costs 8,000 shillings a month.

All payments must be made via MPESA to 0792862269 before you receive the first betting slip. You can get in touch immediately via sms or Calls to 0758271865.



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