Let Free Motivational Speech Be Comrade’s Medicine


John Andrew Holmes once gave this cool quotes on possibility,  “Never tell a young person that anything cannot be done. God may have waited for centuries for someone ignorant enough of the impossible to do that very thing.” – John Andrew Holmes

What cannot be done by an individual is not necessarily what cannot be done by everybody else. Besides, one’s limitation is not the proper measure of limitations. Do not allow people to walk with their pessimistic feet on your mind.

One of the greatest weakness of man is the average mind’s familiarity with the word impossible-knowing all the rules about what cannot be done. Another great weakness is that of living an average life; eating what you find and eating when you can and not because you can, sleeping where you find and putting on what you find.

If you believe, you can become anything you have dreamt about in your life. Yes you maybe a regular ragamuffin, a street/village urchin but if you believe, can still become the director of World Health Organization. You maybe a local man who localizes himself in a local area to localize local people, a semi-educated African wretch whose head is full of primitives but you can still become the Secretary General to the United Nations only if you believe.

You can be every bit a plebeian but if you believe, you can become a city attorney. You can be a village nonentity but if you believe, you can still become a billionaire. The essence is, such positions are not a preserve of those who once lived in stone houses or kids who spent their formative years inside cars or sons and daughters of high rollers.

Begin to see a life beyond a tin-roofed house. A life beyond owning a rickety ramshackled bicycle as your sole means of transport. A life beyond plastic utensils, a life beyond euphobia fenced home, a life beyond shiny cheap suites.

See yourself inside an ultra-modern house, wearing fancy designer clothes, making a contribution in your village, leading groups and teams of people. Moving places around the globe. Great people made it through impossibilities, they turned every challenge into a stepping stone to greatness.

Finally, the very simple things you may do in your life are really what will count. Pen down your experiences for out of it may come an unprecedented autobiography. Sing that song and see it produced. Form groups and even while doing nothing significant, call yourselves CEOs, MDs or Presidents. You don’t need to be extravagantly talented to succeed, do you? An exceptional brain is not a must to succeed, must it? It is just a plus. You don’t need to be an all country athlete to succeed. Success is all in believing in yourself for if only you believe…




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