LINET PENS: Selfies Vs CV’s

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By Linet Wanza.

What does today need? We are living in an era where selfies are valued more than CVs. When I talk of CVs I talk of life presentation.

What does today’s generation want? What does today’s generation need? We are blithe about Cvs, there are certain memes about that. Every now and then it’s just “selfies”.The competition of whom has the best one is stiff and it’s growing largely. Today Sheila has a good selfie, it beckons you what you think is taking a selfie that resembles Sheila’s or a better one.

Talk of Instagram; the open gate of selfies. Where we spend most of our time. Here now “Competition” is a daily game that we don’t get tired of. We are very much dedicated to gaining followers and hunting as many likes as possible. Oh yeah and the use of hashtags #FollowForFollow #GainWith…
What if we use #BuildYourCv#MyCvMyPlan
How would life be?

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Cv is a great thing to possess. If it was a rite of passage we would accomplish it, I believe. Being urged to dream big and pursue courses like Actuarial Science and Medicine is not really creating a Cv.Even if we pursue them and reach the skies and lack the ultimate knowledge of success we haven’t created a Cv.

As long as we don’t give Cv’s creation much value as we do to selfies then we will never build colourful and presentable Cv’s. It is a time we reevaluate our stance. Why don’t we start celebrating: awards, job promotions as much as we celebrate gaining of followers. It would be great if we start building our Cv’s.It all comes how we are socialised. To be fair parents and guardians are not entirely to be blamed for our mindset.

I think we get carried somewhere in our competition of selfies. It’s time we look out at the importance of Cv ‘s in our race to value them.
How about integrity? The strength of purpose? Visions? Your choice and right to exercise them matters. Today needs a person who can thrive in a dynamic global environment. I believe we can change for the best and have a bizzare by implementing modes to guide us in a Cv creation then articulate and accentuate ourselves into a meticulous sense.



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