Listed in CRB? Here is How and Why You can Borrow Loans from M-Shwari or KCB M-Pesa

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has in the spirit of prevention of the economic difficulties caused by the spread of COVID-19 suspended the listing of all Kenyans from the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB). The move will now allow those who had been listed and barred from borrowing loans from financial institutions to access and apply for the said loans.

If anyone was listed in the CRB, they can now easily access any of the loaning applications or go to KCB-MPESA or M-Shwari to get some cash relief during this hard times.

The President while announcing that the country has registered another 3 cases to take the number to 28 from the earlier announced 25, also noted that one patient has fully recovered and has been discharged from the hospital facility.

Hon Uhuru also noted that government officials including his office will take a pay cut of up to 80% in bid to inject it back to the economy which is currently dwindling. He also exempted all people who are getting a salary of 24,000 shillings and less from paying tax. He also reduced VAT from 16% to 14%.

He said that the government will release 10 billion shillings for the elderly, orphans and widows. Other state officials ie Cabinet secretaries, CAS and other persons will be expected to take pay cuts ranging between 30% to 20%

President Uhuru urged citizens to remain vigillant, stay indoors, wash their hands and consider social distancing as the only sure way of keeping away the virus.

The government has also declared a curfew as from Friday this week. The curfew will affect all persons except health professionals and security personnel. People will be required to stay in their houses as from 7pm to 5am in the morning.

In line with his order to companies to let their employees work from home, the President said that all civil servants of job group F and below with ages of 50 years and above be exempted from duty and go on leave immediately.



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