Look Good With The African Lady,Egerton’s Very Own Is On A Mission


The past might be dusty and full of bad tales,what matters now is that we know how the future looks like,we have seen it.The owners and movers of the future are right here with us,daily they invest both money and time into ideas and businesses that will in the Long run change the African story forever .The bigger picture of African business has been shot and what remains is putting the obvious captions to it.Young entrepreneurs are coming up ,embracing business ideas and digging dip into research,that is the African story the next generation will live to tell. A story of Young people in business,a story of Self employment.

One of the people shaping up this story is one Ruth Adongo, a fourth year students at Egerton University,Njoro campus. Ruth,a Nutritionist by profession together with her twin sister Apiyo have decided to venture into the business of designing and selling African original Maasai beads, Custom made, the beads go at Ksh400 for students ,an offer is currently up for three of them at only Ksh400 , Basically these beads are meant for beautification promotion of our heritage as a nation, there is not better feeling like rocking our culture , forget about the beads,Ruth and Naomi also have bangles and earrings that most of the ladies out here definitely want to try out anytime.

The African lady is the perfect solution to all your beauty needs, they will help you take it back to the basics not forgetting getting you in touch with the modern trends the African way, They are professionals you definitely want to be associated with.This is to your Lover,Fiancee,boyfriend,friend, this is for you who want to look good,Its time to get your African taste back. Contact “The African Lady ” on 0706032692 .

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