Lust: 4 Steps To Reducing Your Desire For Those Campus Ladies,no. 3 is Essential

Hit and Run
Lust For Booties

Guys, lets Face it, if you are in an average campus, where people come from all corners of the nation and beyond, and the dressing code is not regulated like in colleges and other campuses, you’ve probably bumped into the wall several times while staring at those Blessed ladies that show it all.
Hey! stop blaming yourself. It’s not your fault that there are ladies in your city and on campus who don’t mind “Shaking what their Mamaz gave them“.
You don’t have to literally break your neck each time a gorgeous lady in that leopard-spots mini-fitting dress passes by.
That’s why am here bro, just to help you regain control. Here we go:

1. Accept Your Weakness(Lust).

The first step to solving any problem is by simply accepting the fact that the problem exists in the first place.
You are not perfect, and don’t try acting like one as it will only worsen things. And hey, you can never solve a problem you personally believe doesn’t exist. This weakness of ours started with the forefathers of our forefathers.

2. Don’t Fight It.

We all know fighting has never been the best way to deal with issues.
Naturally, A man is motivated by challenges. So, the more you “Play Hard To Get” with your feelings and desires, the stronger they grow.
So, the next time she passes and you feel like giving it a look, just go ahead. It’s not forbidden. But do not do the whistling, it irritates ladies.

3. Come Back to Reality.

By now, especial after the previous tip, you must be thinking I mean no good towards you.
But before you judge me, think about it; rapidly cooling a hot glass will definitely crack.
So don’t expect your desires and lust for the “Blessed Ladies” to stop overnight. It takes time.
Which brings us to this Point. Come Back To Reality. While in the process of staring and putting your imagination into action on the things you could probably do to this lady when given a chance, slowly come back to planet Earth. Try convincing yourself that she’s just but another lady seeking unnecessary attention. Convince yourself that you are going to see and probably get a much better lady some steps in front of you. If that doesn’t work for you, you can take things to the next level by trying to convince your brain that the lady just came from the loo and didn’t even use some toilet paper. Yawk! now continue with your 69 fantasies with her if you can.

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4. Seek Help.

You really don’t have to torture yourself with an issue that can be worked on.
Don’t be shy. You are a man, aren’t you?
There are psychiatrists and even Counselors back in campus who will be more than glad to help you out; That is if they also don’t suffer from the same disease as yours.
Hahaha! Just kidding Bro. Wish You all the best as you make your first move to attain a lust-free life.
Don’t forget your religious leaders and Prayers too.




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