Makau Mutua ‘s HELB Details Surprise CJ Interview Panel


Controversial Lawyer Makau Mutua surprised the Judicial Service Commissioners after he admitted that he cleared his HELB loan after 35 years because he was not aware that it was a loan.

Makau was responding to a question from commissioner Mercy Deche who represents the Law Society of Kenya at the JSC.

Ms Deche observed that Prof Mutua’s HELB loan was cleared in July, just as he was getting ready for the Chief Justice Interview and sought to know if the belated clearance was meant for the sole purpose of qualifying for the interview.

In his defence, the law don confessed that he attended the University of Nairobi from 1979 to 1981 when he was expelled.

He further said that during his campus days, they would be provided with cash which they fondly referred to as boom.

Upon receiving the money, they would sign to confirm receipt but according to Mutua, “it never occurred to me that the money was a loan.”

He added that for the last 35 years, the education loans provider had not contacted him informing him of the arrears.

Mutua expressed that he was surprised to find the requirement of a helb loan clearance certificate when he was applying for the position of CJ.

At that point, Mutua said he contacted HELB and sought to have his certificate expedited.

Mutua further narrated, “HELB emailed me back with a letter detailing all the monies with my signature against the amounts”.

“I needed the clearance so I just called my brother and asked him to clear the balance,” Mutua added.



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