Maseno and Moi University Students Wins the Investment of an American Car Company

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University students from both Moi University and Maseno are set to benefit after their projects were identified as beneficiaries of the Ford Motor Company Fund and global non-profit organization Enactus.

Ease UP project by Moi University in Rift Valley and WAKONYRE Poultry project by Maseno in western are set up to receive funding for the next 3 years as part of the Enactus Ford College Community Challenge (Ford C3).

The challenge is part of an initiative introduced in 4 African countries namely: Ghana, Morocco, South Africa and Kenya which is set at offering selected universities/colleges an opportunity to showcase innovative programs which is meant to empower communities with self sustaining projects.

The EASE UP project focuses on alternative energy, environmental sustainability and sustainable agriculture while the WAKONYRE poultry project focuses on sustainable agriculture and modernizing poultry farming.

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Speaking to Tech Moran, a leading technological blog in Kenya, EASE UP’s project leader Catherine Karega had the following to say, “Sanitation is one of the main focus areas for this particular project, as it’s one of the most unmet and urgent requirements. With this in mind, our team came up with EASE UP in partnership with the Blessed Stage BodaBoda Group including motorcyclists, tailors, shopkeepers and vendors in Talai Centre, Moi University to empower members to develop the community around them.

“We are focused on improving the lives of the people living and working around Talai Centre in Moi University, who include business operators, community members and students residing outside the school.

“Benefits of partnering with the locals include the opportunity to acquire building materials and land at a subsidized cost. It will also foster a sense of ownership of the project and hence acculturate its frequent use as well as promote overall personal hygiene.”

The project is divided into 3 phases which include:

Phase 1 will involve addressing the problem of sanitation around the locale and this will mainly involve building of toilets and bathrooms. And in aim to conserve the environment, the buildings will be constructed using waste paper such as old books and newspapers.

When that is done, then it’s onto phase 2 which will include generating biogas using the human waste collected. The gas will be sold to local households and it will also be used to light up buildings.

Then there is phase 3 which is the last phase will focus on constructing a borehole which should be done using the proceeds of the latter phases. The water generated will then be sold to local business people and the money generated will be used to make the project self sustainable.

The EASE UP project is scheduled to commence in July, 2015.

As for WAKONYRE, the main aim is to modernize poultry farming by offering training on business management skills, knowledge on government regulations and transformation of indigenous farming methods.

This will be in collaboration with Maseno’s School of Business.

SOURCE>>> Afro Media News



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