Maseno University Closed Indefinitely Over Students’ Rampage

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Maseno University has been closed indefinitely after students went on rampage on Sunday, December 1. The learners took to the streets to protest against what they termed as acute insecurity around the institution and a spike in rape cases.

In a statement, Vice Chancellor Julius Nyabundi said the decision to close the institution was arrived at on the evening of Sunday by the institution’s Senate after students failed to engage the administration on amicable ways to settle the matter.

“Following unrest by students over alleged rape cases reported to have occurred in off campus students’ residences and failure by students to engage university management on structured discussions of the same, Senate sat on Sunday, December 1, at 7pm and resolved to close the university with immediate effect and until further notice. Students are expected to vacate the university by 7.30pm today, Sunday, December 1,” the notice read.

The decision by the university to send the students home at night has, however, been criticised by many who said it was rushed and also exposed the learners to greater risk. Below are some of the reactions from social media:

Gilbert Kosgei: This is the height of management failure. How do you guarantee the safety of the students by sending them at night? This exposes them to more insecurity.

Paul Okumu Okode: That senate must be full of selfish individuals. Where do they expect people’s children to go at that hour?

Blessed Caleb: Nyabundi can you go slow on yourself, this is an overreaction, I doubt if even the senate discussed anything. At night why… Why expose students to more insecurity risk.

Oyamo K’oyamo: This University Council is exposing students to more insecurities. How do you expect students, especially ladies to find shelter at night just because there has been unrest?

Shikhoi Muteshi: Not fair, notice should be given in the morning… Saa hii wanaenda wapi?

Maxwell Fundi: How do you close the university at night? How now? Are the people who made this decision parents? Do they care for the students? At night? OMG!

Lynnete Moraa Oimbo: What are the parents of the students supposed to think of this long night? There are some feeling unwell, some don’t have fare, some don’t know the town at night, some are international students who can’t just run home….the list is long. God protect them.

Mochokorab Kitur: Don’t expose our children to the “forces” of the night!!!! What were you doing all day long until 7pm?

Snr Lagat Zack: Stupidity of the highest order. Where will students go at this time? The university senate must be mad.

Peter Anditi: PhD holder signed this stuff to allow students to vacate school at night. Big shame!



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  1. Stupidity of the highest pedigree! Chasing students to vacate at night in an insecure zone. A full PhD holder and a parent shouldn’t have reacted to that extend.

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