Is maseno’s Tsunami County (Sunrise Hostels) Losing its 10-year Tradition?

somu officials

By Emmanuel Bahati

Call it the most congested hostel in an institution of higher learning, I call it the only 24 hour informal Shopping Mall within a University. This is a Mall where products and services are accessed anytime at any price. A place where a genuine antivirus goes for 20 bob. This is the only place on planet earth where products were devolved to the extent that you would find toothpaste for as low as 5 bob. All you needed to do is present your toothbrush and you get toothpaste worth that amount. Not even in Kibera slums of Kenya will you find this high level entrepreneurial innovation. Ladies and gentlemen this is the tale of Sunrise hostels – Tsunami County, Maseno.


Don’t be fooled by the rusty outlook of Tsunami. From G34 one would be able to obtain any IT related gadget in the world. In block H, it was once rumored that pizza was on sale and that made it seal its as the home of good food. The other services like photocopying were spread all over Tsunami like guava seeds in human shit. There were all tribes of copier machines and assignments never bothered the residents.

A computer studies student would pay for his assignment to be done by International Relations student, Education assignment by a Media students and vice-versa. A postgraduate student would pay an undergraduate to undertake his research proposal. I think this explains why most graduates from Maseno are all rounded. Perhaps the next thing in Tsunami would have been the sale of coffins! Tsunami was business and business, tsunami.

Tsunami was also home to almost all the 60 tribes. It hosted Luos, Acholis, Kisii, Ameru, Kikuyu and so on. It is also in Tsunami where the Christian Union Chairman would share the same room with a regular customer at Club Undecided and Ujamaa without cursing the devil out of the person. It was also in block J where the female species of the homo-sapiens resided. They crisscrossed the stairs in and made the males around the pool area an Upper TV Room watch 2 football matches at the same time. One inside the room and the other outside the room.

But is Tsunami losing its tradition of innovation. Are current occupants losing the zeal that the previous occupants had? Me thinks that Tsunami may be losing its tradition. What is your take Maseno students?

The Writer is A graduate from Maseno University and a Communication Assistant at BH & Chris Kenya.




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