Mass Abortion At Egerton University!

Egerton university today woke up to the sad news of abortion, a foetus was found dead in one of the university toilets in one of the hostels, Ruwenzori Block 35. As if that was not enough, news hit the air waves that  the same script is at another hostel, Hollywood Block B where another foetus  was found in one of the washrooms.

Students immediately went viral on Facebook condemning the act and throwing salvos at the ladies that did that ungodly act. Abortion cases are not new at Egerton University, generally each day an abortion is done safely somewhere according to statistics. Nationally in every ten women, three have had abortion before the age of 45.

Abortion is the ending of pregnancy by forcefully removing from the womb a foetus or an embryo before it is able to survive on its own.This is either done using pills or by forcefully crashing the embryo.But perhaps the question on everybody’s  lips at the moment is why the rising cases of abortion at Egerton university. Most ladies neglected by the men who refuse too accept responsibility are forced to terminate the pregnancy. Some also fear for their reputation and what their parents/friends/neighbours might say when the information  reaches them.

This is a wake up call on all students who engage in unsafe sex to use protection or E-pills, the men who are the owners of the pregnancies should also step up their game and accept responsibility for  better manhood and father figure in the future.


As others were born in hospitals and merrily welcomed to the world with gifts, songs and jubilation. The lives of two was terminated abruptly by human beings who one would wish to ask whether they have the word humanity registered in their hearts.

Magazine Reel is on the ground to unravel the doers of these acts and their hostels. Keep tabs on this and more @KoyoOdongo and @Magazinereel.





  1. it is very sad indeed if you can decide to intefear with the life of a God given angel and you never know that might be the only child you were to have but be sure it won’t go in vain you will have to regret as u face Gods wrath.

  2. too bad, too sad, y should u do this ladies pls. Even if the father hs denied the responsblity, y cant u kip the innocent baby and give it out to childrens home ama hata hosi jameni. Its too bad n remeba no sin goes unpurnished. Ladies lets tek kea

  3. This what I may term as a routine among Egerton ladies….so bad and sad to hear….Warning!!!!!!!Ladies take care,next time you may loose your life due to excess bleeding after doing such inhuman act…To the boys(men)please try to be your brothers keeper…let you kid not be thrown away..make a talk and seek guidance and counselling before you finally judge..look before you leap.

  4. Its very sad indeed! Life is God given gift and no one should terminate it! Woe unto the ladies who committed it, for God’s wrath is upon you.

  5. Ooh,for God sake!!my fellow ladies why can’t you learn to have a motherly heart,terminating an innocent new born.My fellow ladies to allow men to use you ,then at the end he fails to take responsibility?,let’s us embrace values my dear,take responsibility and use protection.why open your legs if you know you can’t take responsibility.And men ,stop playing with girls feelings then inturn lead them to doing things they will regret later.And you fellow ladies,you open your legs when you can’t give birth.ladies be shameful of yourself

  6. cursed shall u be tha 1s who did act murder….this to the society is an abomination…..little did u ladies know tht tha wages of sin is death…… do prepare fr uas fr i c it kamin soon,if not soon,great suffering on ua way,betta go even to church apologize bfr tha congregation or go to tha priest and apologize fr wat u did…..u keep quiet to ua self same,tha suffering will be endlesssszss!!!!!!!!!!
    the early tha betta mah friend

  7. Extremely evil. Jst hv some bit of concern. Maggie kenyatta is selflessly contributing towards protecting maternal health yet some of the ladies r shamelessly terminating pregnancies. NKT SHAME ON THEM. Glenn moore

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