Meet a 20-year Old Singer, Oletipat Sankale Rocking Maseno University


By George Munyasia.
We had a chance of fixing an appointment with the “busy” rising star; songwriter and Afropop singer, Oletipat Sankale, from Maseno University. He was as patient to discuss at length, his career path and his future plans, which revolve around the music industry.
The third-year student is pursuing a degree in Fine Arts with IT, but he manages to carve out some time to write his songs, record, shoot videos, and market them at the same time.

MR: When did you start your music career?
I wrote my first lyrics when I was still in high school in my second form. I just wrote one and a half lines then. I used to love Dancehall music back in the days, which formed the core of my foundation.

MR: Do you have any all-time mentors or influencers that you look up to, or that have seen you come this far?
I used to chat with singers like Hotkid, who inspired me with his songs. In fact, I had crammed a couple of his tracks. Many times I fantasize performing on stage, dressed like a superstar [he chuckles]. Others include Octopizzo, Drake, Nyashinski, and Chronnix.

MR: Which was your first song?
‘Oletipat’ was my first. But my other hits include ‘Shine Bright, You Are the One, Never Be Afraid, Zero, and five more, which I have on YouTube.

MR: You future plans apart from music?
I am a painter, and I intend to further my skills and expertise in this field, too

MR: Which are the biggest challenges you have experienced since, and also face the Kenyan music industry.
Time is the biggest challenge. Many talented singers sometimes don’t make it because they have a little time dedicated to music. It takes time to write songs, release, and market them. Another one is money. You can have a lot of songs written but you don’t have money to release and market them. And when you don’t have connections, you find it really hard to rise above the ranks.

MR: Any advice to fellow upcoming artistes?
Just work hard, put your trust in God, and everything will work out.

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