Meet Real Students Activist, Eric Simiyu Mandela From SEKU



“When I joined campus one thing was clear to me: I had joined a community where the ‘finest young men and women’ in terms of class and breeding are made. My friends from the Actuarial class gave me ‘the talk’ the night before and among other things they warned me was never to engage in university activism… You can imagine my utter disappointment when my high hopes were dashed upon realizing that campus is in fact a breeding ground for ‘real comradeship albeit without the pampering and struggle as I had learnt earlier from former student leaders and activists including Titus Adungosi who left legacy at the University of Nairobi,” Eric Simiyu Mandela a second year student from South Eastern Kenya University revealed.


But in reality what really goes on…

My former high school Principal had made it his business to remind us that ‘University is not a career’; to the real comrades of campus however, this is full-time business. They abandon their assignments and skive their Friday classes to hop onto the next economy class bus to their daily business of lives including hanging out with friends and discussing a number of issues revolving around Western Nations which includes football matches. One thing was clear, University students give little time to issues affecting their motherland and invest most of their time discussing those outside their country like watching movies and football matches which has its origin from Europe and other white nations! “Who will now discuss the future of Kenya and Africa as whole if intellectuals do not bother to reshape it for future generations? He wondered ”

But despite all the odds he sees a bright future for Kenya….

His activism started way back when he was in primary school. he was elected Headboy at Masaba Primary school after which he joined Maseno High school in the year 2010 . At High school level he surprised not only his parents but also the entire school when he made marvelous contributions when he initiated risky but useful strategies to help his colleagues live a human life. this was after immediately being elected as a prefect to oversee the welfare of disadvantaged students. he made useful contributions including bringing in government officials through his articulate nature to come and help the poor but brained students

He is currently organizing secretary  Trans-Nzoia county youth parliament, trained as a Motivational leader at Agape leaders training institute at Kisumu, youth mentor at patlfinder schools in Kitale

Eric Mandela is living to the true call of activism Kenya has missed in more than two decades ago.



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