Meet Siome, the Strongest Opposition Leader in Maseno. Is He?

Siome Maseno University
Siome Japheth Okewa

This week i took time & veered off to meet one of the opposition leaders in the Student’s Organization of Maseno University (SOMU) politics. Mr. Siome is his name. His supports perceive him as the strongest opposition leader of Maseno university students politics. The ‘Raila’ of SOMU. I sought to find out. Is it so?

Below is an interview i had with him.

Dr. Okto (Dr.): Briefly describe yourself.

Siome: I am Siome Japheth Okewa. My cronies call me “Jakapsakiekie”. I was born in Bondo, Siaya County in 1993, from a modest family. I did my preliminary school in St. Alloy’s Ojolla primary and advanced to the mighty Maranda High for my secondary education. With God’s Grace, I managed to secure a Medical course at University of Nairobi then to Maseno University, where I am currently.

Dr.: Have you ever had a leadership role before?

Siome: Of course. In primary school, I was delegated with the role of an overall school head boy, and the teaching and support staff were really enthralled with my leadership. I bet I was strong enough so my adversaries opted to quit and gave me their support. Some of the teachers insisted that I remain in school after my eight grade but I refused. I wanted to keep the education wheel rolling. In Maranda, I was the Christian Union chairperson. Here in Maseno, I served as the chairperson to the School of Medicine Christian Fellowship Committee.

Dr.: What’s your political background?

Siome: Politics can be in born. From the time I was a child, I used to love politics. I could challenge my siblings whenever they brought up issues with then government, Moi’s regime. This continued through my primary school after securing the top most seat. In campus, I ran for the topmost seat late in 2015. The funniest thing is that I declared my interest barely one week to elections. As a consequence, I became second.

Dr.: What’s your motivation towards politics?

Siome: Honestly speaking, politics shapes the society. A society full of misfit means that bad politics forms its basis. Politics defines the development index of a place.

Dr.: You ran for a presidential seat in your campus. What was the outcome?

Siome: As I mentioned earlier, I became second. Of course I had numbers.

Dr.: What pushed you to become an opposition leader in campus?

Siome: From the time the current SOMU president was the School of Medicine representative, I knew that his regime was the most ineffectual one. I did not want him to extend his weak tentacles to the whole university. I asserted to make him bring the change he promised. Right now, he listens to me more than even his personal assistant and wishes that I had clinched his position.

Dr.: What roles do you play as an Opposition Leader?

Siome: I put the SOMU president and his servants in check. It’s just a lot, but a strike is the last thing I would ever wish for.

Dr.: Who are your role models?

Siome: Jesus Christ. I have loved him even before I was born.

Dr.: What other posts are you aspiring in the school?

Siome: Am aspiring to be the Maseno University School of Medicine Student’s Association (MUSOMSA) chairperson to address the issues affecting the medical and nursing school. Am also eyeing the topmost seat of MSAKE.

Dr.: How easy is it to balance your school work with politics?

Siome: So long as I prioritize my dreams, school work will never veer off my schedule. So, I find it pretty easy to cope up with all those medical terminologies.

Dr.: Any message to the readers?

Siome: Elect leaders of integrity, looking for intrinsic and not extrinsic personality.

You can contribute your say on the comment box below as to whether you think Siome is the strongest opposition leader Maseno university students have.




  1. lies oposition leader mane was the tail in elections

    “doctored interview by the so called unripe doctors”

    anyone from maseno will confirm this is crap+lies

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