Men Have Football, Women Have Scandal


I bump into a very offensive Facebook post that targets Scandal loyalties;

“Falling sick when you live alone can be scary, especially when you can’t do things like cooking on your own. It’s in such times that you wish you had a girlfriend but then the fear that I may date a lady who loves watching Scandal creeps in and you just forget about dating again. Honestly, I don’t know what is worse between a lady who watches Scandal or one who can’t make chapatis”

May I add that the post is also sexist?

Men should understand that an average woman only puts up with their football fantasies. Women are not ‘into ‘football, though they may occasionally accompany you to the local pub to ‘support’ your team.

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Come on, I know ladies who support Chelsea because they love the color blue. Ask her about the match fixtures and oh boy! Uncle Google came to save us womenfolk.

How many ladies do you know who gamble on Sportspesa? Apparently most of them are bonding with the guy from the movie shop, purchasing the latest release of Scandal or Being Mary Jane for that matter.

Alternatively, the more patient ones are exploiting free Wi-Fi downloading episodes of the same.

They know more of the number of times Fitz and Olivia have made love in The Oval than that of Arsenal winning The FA Cup. Crystal Palace sounds more like a name that crawled off Disney Land than it does a Football team.

The sight of Jake and Liv ‘standing in the sun’ is more fulfilling than understanding Harry Kane is a little boy with big dreams and incredible talent. Scandal lovers drool over Harrison’s fine physique (May he rest in peace), a near equivalent of David Beckham’s abs (Another reason to ‘watch’ football).


Ladies look forward to Scandal just as men do the Premier League. We really hate when Shonda Rhimes gives us a break just as much as you do the end of a football season. It has an amazing story line, including the theoretical fantasy that a woman can fall in love with two men at the same time.

We loyalties keep tabs .It is our replacement for Soap Operas which lost meaning ages ago. It gives us a reason to look forward to entertaining evenings which you so much appreciate.

Give Scandal ladies a break.We wake up to Cyrus Been, go to bed with Rowan Pope just as you do Van Persie and it feels awesome! We are looking forward to every season. A season with Smelly Melly is a good one. Not to mention we still watch cast interviews on Ellen DeGeneres’ Show. Scandal is here to stay.

I give you the choice between Scandal lovers and Candy Crush addicts. There is something annoying about two ladies in a matatu discussing their Candy Crush lives or highest scores in Temporan.I cannot decide which is worse.

Forget the ones who invite you to play Candy Crush; can’t you just play it without inviting anyone? Okay you scored 1.6 million on Temporan, does it change the price of your weave?1.6 meter would mean so much if it came from Bonyeza Ushinde,not from a game meant for six -year -olds.

As for Scandal, Men will have to find a way of accepting Liv just as we have Diego Costa.



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