Message from Christine Nzillai Mbai, UON’s Best Overall Student, 2015


University of Nairobi held its 53rd graduation ceremony on
september 4th where more than 5000 graduands were conferred and awarded degrees and diplomas by the Chancellor, Dr Vijoo Rattansi.

On the same day, the collegiate research university also made history after awarding the first Doctor of Laws degree to Hon. Justice prof.J.B. Ojwang who is a judge at supreme court since his appointment in 2011.

During each and every graduation ceremony in the institution, its a norm to give an opportunity to the best overall student to make a valedictory adress.

The valedictorian inspires the graduates and thank individuals responsible for their successes while reflecting on youthful frivolity and the accomplishments of the class.

Above all, the primary aim of the valedictory adress is to allow a representative of the graduating class to bid a final farewell to the graduands and to the institution as they prepare to begin the next phase of their lives.

In this years graduation ceremony, Christine Nzillai Mbai was granted the opportunity. Little is known from christine but she is an alumni of Alliance Girls High School and has graduated from University of Nairobi with a Degree in Architecture and building science.

‘Today we stand well equipped to join the job market, having been though the best university in Kenya. We must believe in ourselves, be decisive, apply the knowledge acquired effectively in whatever next we chose to pursue.

Let each of us have conviction of our goals and career paths, embarking on them with tenacity all the way.

We must never give up at the first sign of defeat;Let us always seek to rise above the mundane. We are good enough, smart enough and strong to serve.

Having come this far, feat it is, nonetheless, we are not yet in our destinies. Let us not loose sight of what we aspire to be, choose to be motivated and manipulated. Useful not used, for the knowledge have is potential.’

In this ceremony, 41 PhDs were awarded, 769 Masters, 2972 Bachelors, 17 Postgraduate diplomas, 1501 Ordinary diplomas and 1 Doctor of Laws degree.



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