Migori Teachers College and Garissa Medical College Closed Due to Impending Alshabaab Attacks


The effects of the historic Garissa university college attack that left over a hundred and fifty citizens dead and many more injured continues to go blanket country wide. After the attack, souls have been wounded, families scattered and left hopeless, dreams shattered and a generation lost. Since then, many terror scares have been reported countrywide, an indication that the citizens are watchful and also fearful.

News reaching our desk from Nyanza and Northern Kenya is that Migori Teachers training college and Garissa medical college have both been closed indefinitely. Reasons? Terror scare.

We start from the North where speaking to the media ,the Garissa Medical College Principal, Omar Osman said that the decision was arrived at following a series of security meetings held by the County commissioner Njenga Miiri .Mr. Njenga said that it was resolved that since the government has failed to increase the number of security personnel in the college ,the only option was to close the college :

“Following the Garissa attack, we have requested the county government to provide us with armed security personnel only to be told that the county has few security personnel”, Omar Osman said.

Mr. Omar explained that it was uncalled for to gamble with the lives of students and that it was in order to close the institution till the government beefs up security in the region.

The dreaded militia during training.


The students on sessions have been sent to other colleges while the staff remains rooted awaiting communication from Nairobi. The principal went ahead to express his disappointment at the government saying that it has failed to secure the college close to a month after the Garrisa attack. The students too added a coin on the issue, those who spoke to the media said that closing the college was not the permanent solution and the government should move with speed to secure the vast northern Kenya.

From The north we now move to Nyanza province, Migori County where over two hundred teachers at the Migori Teachers training college were forced to pack and leave the institution following reports of a possible terror attack. The college principal, Mary Claire Indire confirmed that she had received the information on a terror attack planned to take place at college. As at now the police and the guards are manning the college and no stranger is allowed in the compound. Speaking to journalists, Migori County police commander David Kirui also agreed that the police are in possession of the information on possible terror arrack at the college.

The gang that has claimed many lives
The gang that has claimed many lives

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