Mike Jacobs Asks President Uhuru to Reinstate the 33 UoN Students Expelled Due to Anti Babu Demonstrations

Mike Jacobs

Mike Jacobs who has hit the headlines for quite sometime is now up in arms against the administration and management of the University of Nairobi. The young lad who is alleged to have led a revolution against Babu Owino leadership at the helm of Students Organisation of Nairobi University (SONU) has written an unofficial letter to the president of the Republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta.

The yester night’s letter addressed to the president and published on the third year UoN Student’s wall on social media indicted several members of the university administration including officials working closely with the Vice chancellor Prof. Peter Mbithi of corruption allegations. Babu Owino’s fierce opponent asked for the president’s attention in tackling corruption which he said was crippling the premier varsity in East and Central Africa.

The letter he says carries the true thoughts of all the suspended and expelled students. Mike Jacobs said that the current situation at the University is pathetic and cannot be alluded to be in reference to a premier institution. The letter noted that contrary to the belief that the university was a corruption free zone, the statements at the gate contradicts the actual activities taking place inside campus. He indicted the Vice chancellor over corruption claims arguing that Prof Mbithi was only condoning the vice.

“It is within deep convictions of our purpose as citizens of this country that we (the 33 expelled and 25 suspended students) from the University of Nairobi write to you to share and bring to your knowledge the actual sentiments and situation at this premier Varsity”, He informed President Kenyatta.

Mike Jacobs who still believes that Babu Owino was rigged in during the April 1st SONU elections also claimed that the university was only keen on punishing students who stood up against various vices within the varsity. He pointed out that Prof Mbithi’s leadership was below par and that the Vice chancellor has proved incompetent of holding any leadership position. He said that the students who usually thrown out of the varsity suffer because of their inquisitive nature and their desire to know how custodians of their money budget for its usage.

Mike who is also an entrepreneur in the fashion industry informed the president that student leaders are usually imposed on the electorate by the administration. He said that the university administration had colluded with the rogue students leadership to engage in corrupt dealings. He pointed out that the administration’s act of hurried closing the university without giving necessary solutions to problems facing students was enough evidence of their incompetence.

Through the letter he asked the President to launch investigations and audit varsity’s accounts including that of SONU.

“We demand that an investigation be launched into the Varsity’s internal accounts not leaving out the SONU accounts”, He said through the letter.

“Launch investigation into the drug cartels that you will get to realize of shocking facts that actually involve this same administration with collusion to students they deem influential to peddle and aid massive drug sales in the capital and beyond”, he added.

The letter also requested the president to intervene and bring back the over 50 students who have either been suspended or expelled from the university due to the recent chaos. He said that their reinstatement should happen unconditionally so as to allow them continue with their education and accomplish their dreams.

“Provide an order to reinstate the Sons and Daughters of this land to get back to school and complete their studies unconditionally. 58 lives should never go to waste to let a few individuals thrive in their corruption activities without being questioned”, he concluded.

Babu Owino who was declared and sworn in for a record 4th term as the SONU Chairperson has also pledged his support for the 58 students who have either been suspended or expelled from the university. Babu has said that he will ensure that they are all brought back to continue with their studies.

Even as this new development is taking place, the governement through the cabinet secretary for Education, Dr. Fred Matiangi had indicated weeks ago that they will respect the decisions made by the university management concerning the said chaos which had led to the indefinite closure of the institution.




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