Missing USIU Student Found in Good Health but With Memory Loss


The missing United States International University (USIU) Africa student Joy Ayuma has been found ending over two weeks of suffering by her parents and relatives trying to search for her. However, the 20-year-old cannot recollect what transpired between the time she went missing on 15th of January 2015 and last week Wednesday when she was reunite with her parents.

Ms Ayuma went missing from her parents’ home in Nyayo Embakasi on January 15th. According to her parents, Joy left for USIU at 7am but her phone went unanswered throughout the 15th, until evening when it was switched off. Hundreds of people shared a message by the parents of Joy Ayuma Ommani Jr but it took the intervention of a male friend who lured her to his house where family and friends were waiting.

USIUHer father said that her daughter had lost memory of what had happened to her and had since been trying to recollect herself and has not been able to explain what happened to her.

“She has been telling us that she was in Thika the whole week that she went missing but church elders are still counseling her,” Mr Ommani said.

“Her last phone conversation was traced to have been made around Ruiru area and when days later her phone went on, she was not picking any calls apart from that of her male friend,” he added.

It’s this friend who would later lead Ms Ayuma back to her family after convincing her to come visit him. When she eventually agreed to his request her relatives moved in and convinced her to go back home. Her father notes that his daughter was so afraid but the family is doing everything to make her feel safe.

When Joy went missing, she was meant to visit the college register to defer her semester so as to be able to attend to her ailing mother. The family will move forward to have her defer her studies to allow her deal with the trauma and recover fully.

The family hopes to uncover what happened to their daughter during the period he was missing and out of touch with family members.



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