Mixed Reactions as Kisii University Students Awaits the New Voting System

Kisii University election

By Steve Mwaniki.

The new voting systems adopted in universities has put Kisii university students into a mixed reaction especially due to the incoming student leaders’ election due on 9th March.

According to the new rule by the ministry of education, students are supposed to only vote for the delegates only, who act as the schools representative, who then later appoint the executive leaders in the entire students union.

According to the Dean of students, Brother Francis Kerongo, the new systems was adopted after it was passed as a law to curb goons in the university leadership.

“This system is meant to ensure that the university leadership is kept clean and it is not a plan to appoint administration’s favourite leaders,” said Kerongo.

Students have condemned the voting terming is as a plan to appoint a leader who will work in favour of the university administration.

“This is not acceptable at all. How can a few delegates vote on behalf of thousands of comrades? This is a plan to ensure universities inject leaders who will favour the administrations,” said Samuel Wasike, an outgoing Kisii university student leader.

Candidates of the various seats in the university have termed the new voting method as a way to enhance corruption as the party with the highest bid will but their posts through the few delegates.

“Those who don’t have money will never be elected to these seats. Delegates will be bribed heavily which I believe will disadvantage me” said Alexina Ayega, a candidate.

In the previous electioneering period in universities, all the student leaders were voted in by the student.



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