MKU gives Scholarship to Student who wanted to Sell Kidney

MKU degree certificate

is decision to announce in the media that he was selling one of his kidneys to finance his studies gave him his biggest break in life yet.

Daniel Sifa Wanje, 22, sat his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination in 2015 and attained a B+.

However, for lack of fees, he could not proceed to university.

When Mount Kenya University (MKU) founder and chairman, Prof Simon Gicharu came across his announcement in a newspaper, Daniel’s life took a new twist.

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“Prof Gicharu gave me a one-year scholarship, covering tuition fees, hostel fees and out of pocket money,” he says.

Daniel narrates his story:

“I am 22 years old. I sat my KCSE examinations in 2015 at Ribe Boys High School and attained a mean of B+. Due to lack of funds, I could not join university as expected. I stayed out for one year. After the one year, I decided I would sell my kidney to get school fees.

“My family was against it, but they could do nothing about it. They had to agree with me because they could not raise the fees required.

“In the process of looking for a buyer through media, a well-wisher, the Chairman of the MKU Board of Directors, Prof Gicharu, came out and promised to pay for my studies.

“After receiving the scholarship, I felt good. In fact, I could not believe it until the day I was admitted.

“I joined the university on August 4, 2017 and begun my studies. This marked a change in my life and I can see myself heading in the direction I wanted to. I really appreciate Prof Gicharu for his help. He has made a big and positive impact in my life.

“I advise other students from families that are struggling never to give up. They should work hard and never be afraid of coming out in public to seek help.

“In fact, I am still looking for help from other well-wishers and bursaries to cover the remaining years of my study.”



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