Moi University Security Team Arrests Three Suspects in Hostel L


A clampdown in Moi university that lasted for over 14 hours yesterday in Hostel L saw three suspects apprehended over rampant cases of electronic theft in the hostel.

Over five cases of theft in different rooms in the said hostel were reported yesterday, something that prompted the search.

An unknown gentleman was taken to varsity security offices for further interrogation after he was found in possession of a bunch keys and a padlock in the hostel atleast according to Moi University Publication, The 3rd Eye.

The report compiled by the local publication indicates that the gentleman claimed to be a cousin to one resident in the said hostel, something that brought suspicion to security officers around. He however failed to reveal his identity documents when he was asked to.

Minutes later, another person was apprehended in a room situated at the basement floor of the same hostel in possession of a pair of pliers. He claimed to be a boyfriend to a lady who owned the room and that he had come to visit her since he is on internship in Mombasa.

Speaking to the varsity’s local publication, Hostel L warden Jane Macharia said that the manner of theft suggested that it was a well organized syndicate.

“This isn’t a usual matter. Chances are that there is a cartel operating within main campus,” she said.

She further added that doors were opened without breakage. She suspects that some students could be giving out crucial information to thieves about organization of rooms.

The housekeeper of the hall of residence Ms Mary Chemutai in unison with the hostel warden managed to call varsity security officers to the scene and immediate search was launched. Three entrances into the hostel were closed and only the main entrance was left open so as to control student traffic into and out of the hostel.

“Theft mainly occurs between 10 am and noon when cleaning is done and most students are attending their lectures,” remarked the janitor of Hostel L.

Students entering the hostel were frisked and interrogated over laptops and other goods they were carrying.

“If this can be done daily, I bet the security of our properties will be guaranteed,” said Ann a first year student who resides in the hostel.

Attempts to solicit for further information from the Security Offices were futile as security officers preferred to stay tight-lipped over the issue saying there was nothing to tell yet.

SOURCE>>> Moi University Press Club, The 3rd Eye



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