Moi University Student Aborts in Hostel L and Dumps Embryo in Conduit Pipes

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Only months after an incident of abortion featured within Moi university, a student is on the limelight for allegedly flushing out an embryo and dumping it inside one of the institution’s hostel. The notorious hostel has heard more or the abortion cases take place inside it. Hostel L as it is referred houses several students and is situated inside the university.

The residents of hostel L on the morning of Friday 1st July woke up in great shock after a body of an embryo was found lifeless. According to one of the workers, they only discovered that there was an embryo lying lifeless because there was blockage in one of the sewarage pipes.

The workers opened one of the nearby manuals to check the cause of the sewage blockage. To their amazement an embryo with well developed structures and with a well defined gender had been stuck inside one of the pipes. The embryo approximately 5-6 months old had almost all human features fully developed.

The instance at dawn attracted a huge crowd with unanswered questions of who is reliable of such inhuman act. The health director Chepkorir Moraa confirmed the incident. The local police officers arrived at the scene and took the remains of the embryo to one of the local morgues in Eldoret.



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