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Residents of hostel H today were treated with a rare case that is normally seen only in Mexican movies. It was a case of a jilted lover who seemingly has never understood the infamous phrase ‘accept and move on.’ The incident took place in the morning at around 3am and lasted till 10am extending the drama to hostel K too. It all started a week ago when the ‘former’ lover of the lady started making efforts to rekindle their love. In fact, he organised a bash for the lady after succeeding in getting her back.

All these were to be flushed down the toilet when the man after hosting the lady in one of his friends’ room in hostel H was informed by his friend who knew about the affair that his girlfriend was spotted in Kesses at a party hosted by the Mr. Safari who is the Sec Gen,making some crazy dance moves in company of a former Finance docket aspirant. What readers should understand here is that the aspirant is a former ex boyfriend of this lady.

After the party in Kesses, the two love birds moved to summarize everything in hostel H. Having been informed prior, the boyfriend went to the aspirant’s room to confirm whether the allegations were true and shockingly,he found them lying on bed naked under the cover of a blanket after entertainment.Things got from bad to worse after a fight broke resulting to boy who felt betrayed suffering injuries on his face. We are made to understand that its the lady who used her fingernails to cause those marks.

The man demanded to be given back his belongings that he had given to the lady and that’s when they moved to hostel K. Eye-witnesses say that both of them traded insults as they divided their ‘wealth’

As at now, the aspirant ex boyfriend who received his retirement benefits has not been seen since the incident took place. Maybe he has locked himself inside the room or perhaps gone to town…who knows! The question that that begs for an answer now is, Is Campus love/romance real?

We are still following the story as it unfolds and we’ll inform you of the latest developments.

SOURCE: The Legacy – Publication of Moi University Students




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