Moi University Student leader’s Broken English Shocks Comrades

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A student leader from Moi University’s main campus, cannot communicate in English, fluently. The said student posted a Facebook update while attending a leadership summit in Nairobi in a language that resembles English.

It read: “Thanks be to God and my fellow Comrades of Moi University, I enjoy the privilege of attend university Student Leadership Forum at KCA university-Nairobi.”

A local site has reported that the leader cannot fluently communicate in written or spoken English.

In a WhatsApp group for the varsity students, a member remarked, ‘Mwaks, kwani tulijoin campo na certificate ya driving school?’ Another added, ‘Huyu jamaa anafaa arudi class two ashike English Aid.’

This comes only weeks after the MUSO elections which saw students head to the ballot to elect their leaders. The election which was largely peaceful saw the formation of tribal groupings for the purpose of taking power.

According to recent reports on students elections in campuses, close to 80% of eligible voters do not elect their leaders on the basis of the content of their manifesto but majorly on the basis of their tribes. Tribalism in varsities follows trends of political parties available in Kenya.

Reports also show that certain universities are zoned according to the opinion of residents occupying that region. For instance, Moi university main campus is zoned as a Jubilee coalition’s stronghold and students are struggling to discard the belief that students from other regions with equally good leadership skills can take over the mantle of leadership.

The last elections saw Kalenjins team up with the Luhya to provide a formidable team against the Luo who teamed up with the Agikuyu community.



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