Moi University Students Lynch a Robbery Suspect Outside Highlands Court

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A robbery suspect was on Saturday lynched outside Highlands court at stage by villagers and students. The students mostly drawn from Moi University have been complaining about theft inside and outside Campus.

Micah Ruto, suspected to be responsible for a series of robberies, was ambushed by irate students and locals after he allegedly stole a phone, a gas cooker and laptops at Lelmokwo nursing house.

The suspect was blocked by villagers as he tried to get away with a stolen gas cylinder. Upon questioning, he revealed to have been operating in a gang and named a man identified as ‘Move’ as one of his accomplices alongside an unidentified female gang member. Micah also confessed to have been involved in murder.

A look into his phone conversations revealed that he was to meet the rest of his gang members at Mobil where they would proceed to sell the stolen items in town. The alleged theft took place in the wee hours of the morning.

Kelvin, whose house was broken into, claimed that his laptop and that of his roommate along with their gas cylinder were stolen when he left for the Students’ Centre.

In the same plot another lady claimed that her house had been broken into and her Lenovo laptop, Samsung phone and a gas cylinder were stolen. Omar, a villager resident said his Maasai attire, two long trousers were stolen where they were hanged outside.

Police arrived at the scene after the suspect had been lynched. They immediately commenced with investigations into the matter and urged the public to keep calm until the investigations were completed. A manhunt for the other gang members is currently on. Cases of break-ins at the Stage rentals have in the recent past been on the rise.




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