Moi University’s Lieutenant Wadi Who Allegedly Abused President Uhuru on Facebook is Free at Last

Lieutenant Wadi student

Allan Wadi, a 24 year old final year student at Moi university is a smiling man yet again. This is after his appeal on the case which pitted him against the office of the DPP has finally been successful.

Wadi had been jailed for allegedly abusing President Uhuru Kenyatta on Facebook. His post was referred to as defamatory by the then Judge. The student had taken the social media space to war spree after it emerged that he had no legal representation at the time of issuance of judgement.

Also known as Lieutenant Wadi, the young lad was on the receiving end from Jubilee supporters while the CORD brigade stood with him. His successful appeal had been initiated by Seth Odongo alias Dikembe Disembe and renowned blogger Robert Alai. Both Seth Odongo and Robert Alai had graced the walls of Police cells over the same allegations. The two are still arguing their case after they were released on bond. They are also associated with CORD coalition and ODM.

As of yesterday, both Seth Odongo and Robert Alai were optimistic that Allan Wadi would be released from jail today. They however aired their concern over how the young lad almost ruined his appeal case by acting sheepish. The two showed a lot of remorse for the young lad and promised to take him back to Moi University if he will indeed be released.

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Allan Wadi famously known as Lieutenant Wadi had already served close to six months in prison and was left with 1 and a half years to serve. He had allegedly pleaded guilty on both counts when he was charged six months ago.

“So proud of Allan Wadi’s @Edwardoonge. Just my best criminal lawyer. The young man has been freed after our successful appeal” , @RobertAlai tweeted at 11 am on Friday.

Many are waiting to see if Allan Wadi will continue being a hard nut to crack for the government of Jubilee or if indeed he will coil his tail and be focused on his studies.



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