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MombasaSome people have been calling me to check whether I was kidnapped. No I wasn’t. I was in Mombasa, for my first time ever! Meaning if I explain to you about the coconut tree I will be using first-hand information not pictures, diagrams or imaginations as before!! And if I tell you I saw a European at the beach 10/10 naked, I will not be watching a p**n movie, it is Mombasa, that beautiful place, everyone’s destination.

Everything in Mombasa is lovely. When you talk of Ladies in Mombasa you must be talking of a brand of original goods directly from the manufacturer! They are too hot that I risked being hit by a car while staring at them. But talk of laziness, they win it again! Trophies for laziness are kept here. Where on earth do you get a person idling around on a Monday morning! Only in Mombasa.

Seducing has never been easy like it is in Mombasa. I guess the government has subsidized it too!! Seducing a girl on this side of the Sahara can take you your entire life yet when she meets you on the street she is not so sure whether she really knows who you are! In Mombasa two days means you are legally married and your girl is already pregnant. For this, I will come again.

In Mombasa, the dress-code is of like the guy who operates a furnace. The place is an epitome of how hell is like. It is damn hot! A blanket is a strange word in Mombasa which before someone refers to a dictionary, they can’t define it. They will tell you it is an electronic gadget which…they don’t know what is does.

The air circulating fan, too, must always be on unless KPLC have a match – I hear it was moved to ministry of sports. Jackets, sweaters and coats too are meant for crazy wear during the culture week event at Pwani University.

I tried swimming for the first time and I learnt- through the hard way- that swimming is a talent – not a concept. Two minutes in water, I had swallowed enough water to make a significant fall on the sea level.

Have I told you of pombe ya mnazi!! If I couldn’t tell you this, then I couldn’t be writing this anyway. You see when you take this alcohol you aren’t sure whether you bought the right commodity until it arrest you completely that you can’t even move. It has a sweet taste and I guess it must be confusing to call it alcohol. How do you group mnazi with spirits like royal, Jebel napoleon and others!! No way. This is an energy drink. Period!!
If I kept sober throughout the visit, this would be a documentary rather than just a story.

Ok. That will be for next time, maybe.

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