MONDAY SPACE INVESTIGATIONS: How Egerton Students are Preparing to Cheat in Exams


Holland hall is half full, the main library is packed to the brime.At 8 in the morning you can’t even get a seat, the Fass library is also swelling, the resource centers are full with students consulting uncle Google on one or two. At education complex, students are streaming in like I.E.B.C results; some are sitting on the benches for group work, some finding peace at the hidden corners of the building while the most serious one are finding their way to the ground floor. Despite the biting cold at the ground floor, they seem to have hardened up, ready to make the expensive sacrifice. The tatton reading center is not spared either. When you see all these, know that the end semester examinations are just next door.

On Monday space today, we reveal how some Egertonian’s are preparing for the examinations.

You all know that most students visits’ the library .Flip the coin, this is the story of those students who neither visit the library, read in their rooms nor sesrch for notes from coursemates.

Dont get it twisted, they are also preparing for the same exams. Preparing to cheat-Doing what they do best. But how do they prepare? How do they go unspotted by the hawk-eyed supervisors? How do they do it? Well today on Monday space we got you covered .We answer all those questions. Take a look.

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Egertonian's revising for examinations
Egertonian’s revising for examinations

We all know how examination attracts myriad feelings from comrades and micro comrades in Egerton University.

The first Arsenal the cheaters put in place is the “Mwakenya”.Mwakenya has a long history.  Coming from generation to generation, it has evolved, and it has put people in high offices. The only difference between those who used it ten years ago and those who are preparing to use it from 4th of May 2015 is that they begun writing it immediately the semester begun.

These Egertonian’s started jotting down key points on their mwakenya from day one, they have as well put it on trial during the cats, noted the possible errors and reacted to them with speed. The document has been updated and has now been kept secretly away from roommates and friends. You all know what happens when you come from the pitch to do regular check up on your arsenal only to find it missing.

The second instrument of power is the phone. From observations, we have noted that all those in the cheaters club have Smartphone’s with 3 or 4G internet services. Thanks to the higher education loans board and the SUEU bursary .The phone, mostly used by ladies are meant to consult uncle google when and if the exams try to play John Cena.

Its a week to exams, the cheaters are obviously reaching out to the “Bundle mwitu” crew. The phones must be loaded with enough bundles .The handsets are mainly used by ladies, plus a weird sitting position right before the male lecturer. The ladies Google their way to the A- grade. After all, like Vera Sidika said “I use my body to earn a living”.

The third move is a crazy one. The first examination on 4th is at PL1, ever wondered why that guy borrows your notebook daily from 7 to 8 in the evening and heads to the same venue? He is taking positions .A week is enough to transfer all the notes on the seat he has already picked out .Call it thinking ahead, he has already known where he is going to sit during the exams .When the day comes, he is among the first people to get seated, the seat is autographed with notes and he is ready to give you a run for your intelligence. Heads down for thirty minutes, he has filled the booklet. With an angelic face, he hands over the answer booklet to the lectures who is trying to figure out ever seeing him in class.

Comrades reading in the cold education complex
Comrades reading in the cold education complex

The fourth route is not for the faint hearted. The deal is always sealed at backyard of Amazone pub, the motion is brought up by the Amazone brand ambassador. We are one. Like we are sitting on this table quenching our thirst, we will sit in that exam room and do the paper together. Well, call it a discussion; after all it’s the safest of all because no evidence can be logged against you. When the exams finally end on 13th, they hold an end of semester bash before leaving for their villages. After all, the parents pay fees and the students are the last actors on stage to ensure the First class in banked.

That bring us to the end of Monday space today .Remember this column, alongside Twisted Tuesday, Retrosexuals corner, Friday briefing and snapshots not to mention the Go there articles ensured I am nominated for the Chaguo la campo award in the best writer category. The voting codes will be out this week .Lets vote and win resoundingly come 15th of September.

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  1. please magazine reel… this is my humblest request. if there is nothing positive you see from Egerton university, then am not afraid to say that you should leave us alone. why don’t you give people what they need instead of what they want to hear? i think its time you write relevant things.

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