MONDAY SPACE INVESTIGATIONS: This is how @RobertAlai is Misleading the Nation on UON Killings #UoNGangs.


Its Monday and so its Monday space. This is the perfect way to start off your week. See,on Friday night, two students from the university of Nairobi were killed in a mob for allegedly stealing a laptop. The two, Julius Omondi and Yusuf Ahmed are now lifeless. However,there story is one that has elicited mixed reaction from the students both from UON and even other campuses.The sad story has not escaped the attention of Kenyans On twitter. This morning the nation woke up to a hashtag #UoNGangs.The man behind it? The controversial blogger @RobertAlai .

This is What Robert Alai insisted on.

Babu Owino to Reveal the Guys behind the Killings.

Alai is insisting that since Owino is the president  of SONU and all the university students,he should be in a position to know who did what ,where.On this Babu has responded  telling him that he does not stay within the university premises and he does not know the deceased at personal level either.

Look,knowing all the students and wherever they are not to mention what they are doing sounds funny ,that cannot happen.That Alai is fighting a personal war with the SONU head is not far from reality.

Babu’s PA organized a Mob to kill the two.

See,Robert is on record saying Babu’s personal assistant ,David Osano was the man who planned the mob to ensure the two who he says that was a threat to Babu are dead.See,Babu Owino’s spokesperson is one Opiyo.J.Apiyo Speaking at the power breakfast show few days before the elections ,Babu clarified that he has only one spokesperson and that is Mr.Opiyo. Robert has not once used the name David Osano in association to Babu,on his website “Kahawa Tungu” is a story of the Same Osano,Babu’s personal assistant who raped a female student and escaped prosecution with the help of Babu .Its therefore evident  that Alai has resorted to assign Babu a ghost personal assistant .That Alai is out to soil the name of the SONU head is next to reality if not a reality.


The above two points then forms the basis of our conversation today.We should not runaway from the the insecurity question in our campuses,its true there are hooligans at the university of Nairobi and other campuses,relevant infrastructure should therefore be put in place to ensure they are curbed without causing harm to other students.The two students who were killed perhaps might have stolen a laptop but that does not warranty a mob justice like witnessed,nobody is above the law and suspects should always be handed over to the police.

This is the point as we tie up the thoughts.It would be very interesting to wake up to another trending topic tomorrow morning by Gods grace,probably of @RobertAlai dishing out evidence to support his claims .Its true he has some information about this unfortunate incidence,he should come out clear and head to the police station with that information,it can trend on twitter ,but that cannot help much.

Lastly,whether Babu will live to his threat of taking Alai to court still remains a move to watch.The two seemingly are not on the same script following the stories Alai runs on his website “Kahawa Tungu” ,most memorable one is of  Babu owino”s ghost  personal assistant David Osano raping a female student .Wether is politics shaping up,only time can tell.

On that note we come to the end of Monday space today.Follow this conversation on twitter @MagazineReel and @KoyoOdongo.




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