Mood-Swings And Depression: 16 Instant Ways to Get Rid of Them,No 12 is Crucial

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At one point in your life, you will find yourself feeling low and sad for no reason. That feeling of being inadequate, disappointed and tired for no apparent reason is just but a sign of being depressed. Actually, mood-swings are just but one of the outcomes of depression.
Hey!enough with the descriptions. In case you are a victim of these mood-swings or know a friend who is, then this is the place to be:

1. Do Bananas.

Don’t blame me if I start with this. My Mum is a Ugandan and my campus is somewhere in kisii. Anyway, back to our topic, whenever you experience any kind of depression or get the mood-swings, just reach out for a ripe banana. Bananas contain Serotonin, which is an anti-depressant. Bananas are also rich in Vitamin B6 which also aids in Serotonin production. Now I know why monkeys are said to be agile and stress-free. 😉

2. Dark Chocolate.

This is an even sweeter alternative to get rid of those mood-swings and depression. Just like bananas, chocolate has the serotonin. But unlike bananas, chocolate is a bit more expensive and not advisable for those allergic to milk products. Chocolate also stimulates endorphin production, which creates a feeling of happiness and pleasure. So, the next time you pay your campus lover a visit in the hostel, make sure to go bananas and chocolate. Wish you all the best.

3. Drink lots of Water.

I won’t stop reminding you the benefits of water. This simplest form of fluids is in fact a Universal cure for many other ailments. Anyway, water is essential for ‘proper’ functioning of the brain, which means less mood swings and depression. If drinking water is not your thing, then invest in fruits such as water melons and pineapples as an alternative to direct water intake.

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4. Hugs And Kisses.

Oops! Sorry for dropping this without a prior warning. But hey! It’s worth-it. You see, besides kisses being breathtaking and addictive if done right, they also stimulate the same effect as chocolate. Hugs on the other hand have a way of making your body and brain relax and let go of all the negative energy within. Another unbelievable fact is that kisses and love-making act as an instant painkiller(Like Panadol). They also boost your immune-system, but that is a topic for another day.

5. Music Reduces Depression and Mood-swings

I have nothing to say about this, since even the angels in heaven find music irresistible. Anyway, just make sure that the genre of music is one that has positive energy. That is, don’t go listening to “Najitia kitanzi” or Rihanna’s – “B*tch Better Have My Money”. They might give you crazy ideas on how to get things going.

6. Take Advantage of Blue Colour.

I know you will find this hard to believe at first since you didn’t grow up hearing it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not true. Blue colour has been found to reduce depression and set your moods right. Having some rest in a room painted blue or with a tinted-Blue light bulb will do. Try it out as you discover The effects of colours on your brain activities and personality

7. Quit Over-thinking.

The brain is a funny thing for sure. When you try stretching it beyond its usual limit, it pays back with enormous negative energy so as to try to make you give-up. This is why most strikes in kenyan universities occur just before the exams; since brains are being stretched beyond their comfort zone.

8. Do Have Enough Sleep.

Besides enough-sleep being a beauty enhancer, it really helps to relieve physical, emotional and psychological stress. Also, the body has its natural clock which naturally wakes you up when done with restoration. That’s Why you ought to stop using alarm clocks to wake you up especially during vacations or days off-duty.

9. A Walk in The Park.

If you have plenty of free-time, taking a walk to a silent, relaxed place will definitely better your moods and reduce depression. The greener the place the better.

10. Cry Yourself Out.

Hey! Crying will not only make you calm, but also helps to drive out bacteria from your eyes. Crying is also a good way of getting in good terms with reality. As they say, “The more you cry, the quicker you let go. And the quicker you let go, the faster you heal.” Don’t be afraid of crying for nothing; those tears were made to be used. 😉

11. Set Achievable Goals.

One of the things that cause depression is that feeling of disappointment. Once you go setting goals that are unrealistic, you are more likely to let yourself down. This will in turn bring a feeling of failure and disappointment which then results to depression and mood-swings once your ego starts over-criticizing you. To prevent all this, just set small, attainable goals and work on them. This will in fact boost your confidence to go on.

12. Write It Down Then Tear It Into Pieces.

If you find none of the above ways helpful, you can always write down the issues depressing you on a piece of paper, then tear it into small pieces or burn the paper. This will make you feel better. Also, you can have a conversations with yourself on the topic.

13. Interact With Offline Friends.

When having mood-swings, you are likely to keep to yourself. As much as this makes you feel peaceful and out of the noisy friends, solitude creates an even more conducive space to amplify the effect of whatever is causing you mood-swings. Just try to keep in touch with your real friend. Hey! don’t forget to let them know that you are not 100% okay; this is just in case you give a response that would otherwise be considered rude and insensitive.

14. Don’t Run To The Social Media.

Once again, avoid resolving to social media whenever you feel inadequate or moody. The reason for that is because you are likely to post things that are considered personal on normal days. If that’s not the case, you are likely do come across updates from your friends narrating how they are at Village-Market enjoying life to the fullest with other friends that are worth keeping. Those will make you view your life as a total suck. I Know you don’t compare your life to that of others on normal days, but it’s good to note that this won’t be a ‘Normal’ day.

15. Love Yourself.

As much as depression and mood-swings are due to external causes and influences. Sometimes we are the ones who choose to live that way. Once you give others root access or privileges to decide how dull or cool you are, then any negative feedback from friends will always result to depression. Let the power of validation remain yours and yours alone. Friends can advice but should never be let to rule your life.



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