The Blacklist

The Blacklist

Dubbed Blacklist, it all starts when the world’s most wanted and most elusive criminal voluntarily turns himself in to the FBI after 20 years. Why?

Raymond Reddington, who was once a U.S Navy officer, disappeared from the face of the earth, figuratively, and made a name for himself in the criminal underworld by selling intelligence.

The BlacklistHe also created his own criminal network with connections all over the world with all kinds of people. You want to disappear, you want information on somebody, you want arms and weaponry, and he’s your guy. At the right price, he will get you anything.

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After 20 years in hiding and eluding the US government along with all law enforcement (he is that good), he surrenders himself to the FBI on the same day agent Elizabeth Keen starts her career as a profiler.

He has a long list of demands, including immunity from prosecution, but the most important one is that he speaks only with Elizabeth Keen. Who is she? Most importantly, what does she have to do with Raymond Reddington? He also has a list of criminals, the blacklist, which he has compiled over the years, criminals he claims that the FBI has no idea they even exist. He insists that it is in both his and the FBI’s interests to eliminate them.

The Blacklist is a crime drama and action series that follows the mystery of the lives of Elizabeth keen and Raymond. Elizabeth, commonly referred to as Lizzie, is married to Tom Keen, whom it also turns out has a bucket-load of secrets as the series unfolds.

Every episode features one of these global criminals from his blacklist and how the newly formed task force of the FBI takes them down. It is all part of a government conspiracy (who doesn’t love these), that Reddington is affiliated to, that is later revealed to be within the United States government.

The cast includes the likes of James Spader (Reddington), Megan Boone (Lizzie), Diego Klattenhoff (agent Donald Ressler), Ryan Eggold (Tom Keen), Hisham Tawfiq (Dembe Zuma), Harry Lennix (assistant Director Harold Cooper), Mozhan Marno (agent samar Navabi) and Amir Arison (agent Aram Mojtabai). Each character is independent but they all work together skillfully, and each one has their own interesting stories behind their characters.

The series has received great reviews by TV critics, especially the character of James Spader, which he delivers effortlessly. He is funny, quirky while at the same time being ruthless, witty and cunning criminal we know and love. Did I mention he’s also as cold and sarcastic as they come? Well, he is.

The Blacklist is in its third season, you can binge-watch all the 60 episodes over the weekend and it will definitely be worth your while. It’s always nice to find a series with a few seasons already out so the suspense is kept to a minimum.

I for one cannot wait for the Blacklist return in April. It has been renewed for a fourth season by NBC, and airs on Thursdays. Look it up, I’ll let you review it for yourself.



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