Mozzartbet Awards Six Winners with Shs10 Million Each


Only a day after unveiling two people who won 10 million shillings each after predicting all the 13 games listed in the Mozzartbet Daily Jackpot correctly, the betting company has today announced another six persons who won ten million shillings each yesterday.

Just like it was the case with the two, the six also noted that they acquired their combinations from experts such as those at Sahihi Tips Platform.

As is advised by Sahihi, placing atleast 3 combinations will ensure that you manage to walk home with the 10 million shillings from one of the combinations. You really need to get your Jackpot combinations from Sahihi Experts before today’s Mozzartbet Daily Jackpot Kicks off. It only costs 500 shillings. Follow below to see how you can make Payments and receive the combinations.

The most important bit is that, Mozzartbet also awards a person who is able to score zero in all the 13 selections.

Subscribe and Receive Combinations for Mozzartbet Jackpot

To receive today’s combinations via SMS, make payments through the process below.

  1. Go to MPESA
  2. Select Lipa Na MPESA
  3. Click on Buy Goods and Services
  4. Enter Till: 5266471
  5. Enter Amount: 500
  6. Enter MPESA pin and send

If not able to pay through this process, you can send the amount directly via MPESA to 0792862269. The combinations are sent instantly upon payment.

Caution in Betting on Mozzartbet Jackpot

However, it is important for anyone who wishes to engage in Betting to be cautious. Whereas, it could make you a millionaire overnight, Betting can also rob you of all that you have earned over the years. It can render you hopeless if you are not careful. This is why anyone needs to plan their betting activities and do it as a business.

As you ponder on whether to join Betting, kindly ensure that you only spend what you can afford to lose. Do not use your investments to bet with the hope that you’ll gain much more. This never works. You might destroy everything. Economies of scale only allows an individual to set aside no more than 20% of his allocation for entertainment towards Betting and such like activities. Therefore, an individual who uses 10,000 shillings for entertainment is only allowed to use 2,000 shillings of the said amount in betting. Entertainment amount doesn’t take past 10% of your monthly earnings.

This is a clear indication that you also need to work aside from betting. This is not purely luck but hugely relies on what is planned for you by natural forces. Remember many have used millions in trying to chase for the Jackpots but have all ended up losing terribly. Betting responsibly is therefore the word.

Subscribe to Our Betting Plans and Manual

Kindly also note that gambling is addictive and only those 18 years of age and above are allowed to practice.

Struggling with betting loses and gambling issues, subscribe to our services and walk the winning journey with us. You can reach out to us via SMS or calls to 0758271865.



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